Embrace the Slow-paced Life

With the Earth's axis tilted at 23.5°, it created the beautiful sceneries of the 4 seasons. With the 31° curvilinear design of the SUNON IRIS HVLS FAN blade, it created not only a massive airflow, but also an ultra silent operation. The 6 speed rotation ensured you a silent natural breeze, the unique blades gently running through the air revitalizing your space with a rustic breeze

Stylish and Elegant

Lozenge pattern surface with elegant and large curvilinear airfoil, decorative and pure white design, show more of your taste to shape your lifestyle.

High-Efficiency Motor

High-Efficiency DC Motor saves up to 50% and more energy than EC motor.

Massive Airflow by Curvilinear Airfoil

The ultra-high torque motor can generate massive air at low speed by the curvilinear airfoil,creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in your house.

Ultra Slow Rotation

Slow rotate speed will be visually leisure and less oppressive, let the breeze gently run through your space.


Adjust your optimized temperature, let the air flows properly and comfortably.

Suitable Area

Exhibition, Bookstore, Coffee Shop, Library, Museum, Office, Conference Room, Hotel Lobby, Hospital, Gym and Residential.

Product Features

Twisted airfoil design, the 31-degree tilted blades drive the air to flow evenly, creating a massive, smooth and silent air movement at an extremely low speed

Step into the luxury of slow living, the elegant lozenge pattern gives you a comfortable ambience. The shadow and light danced in the gentle breeze, spoil yourself with a cozy corner, give yourself a peaceful space to vitalize your mind and soul.

IRIS HVLS Fan features a direct-drive motor. The Direct-drive motor is designed to be energy efficient and quiet. The multiple pole motor generates twice the torque, when use in conjunction with the unique 31° blades, it generates a massive air movement to build up a comfortable space.

IRIS, Slow but Strong Aerodynamic Blades

IRIS HVLS Fans curvilinear design airfoil use aerodynamic technology. It drives air evenly and generate a massive volume of smooth and quiet airflow at a low speed. Compare with conventional HVLS Fans, the flat airfoil design is harder to create massive air flow. To achieve better cooling performance, manufacturers generally increase motor speed, causing air noise and vibration

Direct-Drive , Higher Torque

SUNON IRIS HVLS Fan features a direct-drive BLDC motor which is designed to a quieter, high energy efficient operation. This multiple pole motor generates twice the torque, thus capable of driving a larger 31° blades, optimizing an air movement to the comfort of your space.

Benefits of HVLS Fans

IRIS HVLS Fans 50% Lower Speed Than Other Conventional Fans And Outcompete The Others. Run Slower for Longer Life , Lower Noise, and More Comfortable.

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The centripetal force is directly proportional to the rotation speed, IRIS’s low speed is inborn to possess this advantage

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Bearing Durability

After an extended period of operation, conventional fans are becoming noisy due to bearing worn out. Low speed can slow down the bearing weariness and extend the durability of fan

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Air Noise

The higher the speed, the higher is frequency of the blades cutting through the air, causing a much higher turbulence, hence the low speed can reduces air noise

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Visual Experience

The higher the speed of fan is, the higher the stress and tension you might feel. No doubt that a lower speed fan will get you a better ambience

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