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 Solutions to Communication & Network Equipment
  High air flow, high pressure, low vibration, low energy consumption, water and dust-proof IP protection, brake circuit design, intelligent control, custom-made fan module cooling solutions.

  With the ongoing trend of globalization in network technology, communication equipment has become a key part of infrastructure in all countries around the world. Features such as operating around the clock, rapid and nonstop communication, energy savings, weather resistance, and more, have become standard requirements to all communication products. In order to provide the best cooling solution for communications equipment, Sunon offers fans and fan module products featuring high air flow, high air pressure, high IP protection, energy savings, power off  brake circuit design, and other features, tailor-made for the industry.

 An Example of Fan Tray intelligent control module technique :

Temperature control model :
 Temperature control model: As the fan tray runs at high speed over long periods of time, the temperature control sensor on the fan will vary the fan speed when there is a change in the system’s temperature – the higher the temperature, the faster the fan speed. This results in efficient energy utilization.

Voltage control model
 the system controls the Fan Tray speed by setting the voltage to optimize the system’s cooling demand during operation.

Intelligent backup control model
The fan tray runs normally, until one of the fans stops running. The sensor recognizes the problem and immediately signals the other fans to run at full speed. This will maintain overall optimal cooling efficiency.

Power off, brake circuit design model
Sunon’s fan-brake design automatically stops operation within 2 seconds of the fan power going off. This ensures the system repair personnel can operate safely.

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 Thermal Products for Communication & Natwork Applications

 Thermal Products Specifications for Communication & Network Equipment

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