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 Solution to Server and Storage Application
 High volume, high static pressure, low vibration, low energy consumption, power off brake design, PWM control cooling solution

  As operating efficiency in servers with various functions and services constantly increases, high-efficiency cooling solutions must also evolve and improve. Toward that goal, Sunon began its efforts with motor efficiency and fan efficiency by using its wealth of experience. It raised the overall fan cooling efficiency to better support the cooling demand of the server equipment. At the same time, in order to reduce energy consumption of equipment running for long periods of time, the application of the cooling design with intellectual control to meet the energy saving demands was introduced. Sunon’s high air flow, high air pressure fans feature 40% energy savings (up to 50% at low system speed),  low vibration, intelligent control, and more. They meet the demand of systems requiring non-stop operations around the clock.



 Thermal Products for Server and Storage Applications

  DM Download for Server and Storage
  ‧Server and Storage DC Fan DM Download
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