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Desktop and All-in-One PC

 With the rise of the Internet and digital trends, desktops and all-in-one PCs have moved away from the computing-oriented development era. Instead, they are incorporating more and more consumer electronic functions and fashionable designs. With the growing appeal for multifunction and high performance, heat generated from inside a system’s CPU, GPU, RAM, Chipset, HDD and PSU, must be removed quickly and efficiently to stabilize temperatures and ensure optimal operating conditions. Good cooling design has become a critical issue.
 With proven reliability, advanced cooling techniques and superior manufacturing skills, SUNON has developed Thin-and-Light fans by employing a unique DR MagLev dust-resistant magnetic levitation motor fan technology. This new technology is so advanced that even ultra fine dust (Kwanto sand), 32.6 times finer than talcum powder, can be successfully blocked! Sunon has combined this dust resistant technology and patented slim technology with their slim cooling products feature slim, high-efficiency, low power consumption, low vibration, and long service life, to offer optimal cooling solutions.