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Invention & Innovation Center

‧Technical Strength
 All electronic products, regardless of how beautiful they may look or how powerful they may be or how versatile they may be, share common characteristics.  That is, they all have to dissipate the heat generated by the system, otherwise, their functionality may be impaired in light cases, while in severe cases the system may down or their service life may be shortened.
 For this reason, SUNON has committed its strength to the development of motor and thermal dissipation technology and nearly 100% of its patents are independent innovation and research. By the end of December 31, 2017, SUNON had been granted 2568 patents worldwide and 308 patents were pending. All of these patents were developed for the company’s strategic arrangement, technological innovation, and product design and applications, with the ultimate purpose of commercialization of technology to serve end- users with the hope that they would bring about more commercial value and business profits to enterprises and industries.
 In 2004, Technology Review ranked SUNON as 48th in the world and 4th in Taiwan in terms of technology strength, making SUNON the only cooling fan manufacturer in the list.  In Business Weekly’s list of Top 100 companies in terms of patents granted, SUNON was ranked 4th in the category of Parts and Modules in 2005; in 2007, it was ranked 1st in the category of Power Equipment/Transportation Equipment, 11th in the category of machinery, and 18th in the category of power system, In 2009 & 2010, SUNON was ranked No. 1 market in worldwide DC/AC Fan suppliers by the precision motor market research of Japan Fuji Economic.
‧Innovation Ideas and Achievements
 In the mind of Alex Horng, Chairman of Sunonwealth Electric Machine, R & D usually means to study and make improvements to currently available technology and products, and indeed, only those R & D projects that involve “making something out of nothing” can be justly referred to as invention & innovation.  Therefore, SUNON’s R & D team attaches much importance to the development of pioneering technology.  The innovation group in the organization is the pioneer in the development of pioneering technology.  The group, a symbol of SUNON’s invention & innovative spirit, puts much stress on the invention of next generation products and technology.
 It is the persistent pursuit of invention and innovation that pushes SUNON to the forefront of industrial trend and enables it to develop unique innovative technologies, including Maglev motor technology, Waturbo liquid circulation cooling technology, millimeter-sized motor technology, dust-resistant Maglev design, and internal rotor motor design, that can be extensively used in various products.
 In response to the global trend of “lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller”, SUNON has also made use of its advanced miniaturization ability to achieve a breakthrough in design and successfully develop mini motors that can fit into next generation handheld IT communication products and will continue to step into the field of nano technology development.
‧Most Advanced R & D Equipment
 The Invention & Innovation Center of SUNON has set up an acoustics & vibration laboratory and a material laboratory and provided them with advanced equipment such as Acoustics HMS, Vibration Mode Analyzer(s), IR Thermography Analyzer(s), and High Precision Thermography System(s).  Furthermore, the laboratories are also provided with a whole set of CAE software to conduct digital/analog analyses on heat flow, acoustics, magnetic circuit of motors, vibration modes, structural strength, drop simulation, modular flow, etc.  A group of R & D professionals makes good use of the above advanced equipment, instruments, and software to design fan blades and magnetic circuit / electronic circuit of motors, carry out studies on materials and bearing systems, analyze and improve acoustic quality and vibration, develop cooling modules, and study the thermal conductivity of materials. .By doing so, not only does our product design become more precise, but the development time schedule is shortened, thus market opportunities are seized.
‧The R & D Team
 In 2002, SUNON established its invention & innovation center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and assigned it the responsibility of planning, promoting, and executing the company's blueprint on innovation.  Furthermore, the center was also assigned the responsibility of integrating the company’s R & D laboratories and technicians in Europe, the United States, Japan, and China to plan and build an invention & innovation team consisting of 400 professionals throughout the world and a technical services network that can respond rapidly and professionally.
 Based on the “Trinity R & D theory”, SUNON has been engaged in the research of motor technology for nearly 30 years, mainly on 3 major technological fields -- “motor invention”, “motor applications”, and “total solutions for heat dissipation”-- and aims to explore the best performance and unlimited possibilities of motor applications.  SUNON’s persistent pursuit of technical breakthrough and product innovation has pushed it to the forefront of technology development and enabled it to provide its clients with key modules in the three major fields of motors, cooling fans, and cooling modules to help them to accomplish their goals on next generation products.
 When it comes to motor design, SUNON has the all-round ability on magnetic circuit design, mechanical design, and driving circuit design, which enables it to design motors that conform to clients’ desired specifications.  With its strong professional mechanical and electronic circuits engineering teams, it can also design cooling fans of high quality and high performance with impressive flexibility.  From its extensive experience accumulated over the years in thermal module development, SUNON knows the requirements of its clients on thermal modules well enough to be able to propose the most efficient total solution for heat dissipation by applying advanced simulation systems and analysis tools to make the thermal analysis and thermal design of the system more precise.
 In response to the global trend of “lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller”, SUNON has also made use of its advanced miniaturization ability to achieve a breakthrough in design and successfully develop mini motors that can fit into next generation handheld IT communication products and will continue to step into the field of nano technology development.
‧Reliability Verification System
 SUNON has set up 5 reliability laboratories in the world and provided them with the most advanced precision verification equipment of the industry.  A series of strict professional verification tests covering the design, trial production, and mass production of our products are carried out in these laboratories and the reliability of our products are evaluated by a computerized automated verification system.  We will, in response to the requirements of product development for various industries, continue to renew and upgrade our equipment to ensure that all stages of our production are supported with all necessary tools, whether it is in the simulation stage, the testing stage, or the production stage.
◎Acoustic Performance Laboratory:
  Sound Pressure Test Head Artemis HMS
 SUNON first introduced acoustics engineering in 2000.  Since that time, the company’s sound quality evaluation approach has evolved from the traditional one which depends on the measurement of sound pressure and sound power to a psychological one which, through the application of a HEAD Measurement System (HMS) made by HEAD Acoustics of Germany, records and simulates the hearing impression of
the human ear, and measures information such as sounds, vibrations, rotation speeds, and signals of electrical appliances.  The information is processed by ArtemiS, a professional acoustics & vibration analysis software application, to generate time-domain spectroscopy and psychological acoustic parameters.  The parameters are then analyzed with diverse methods by professional acoustic engineers.  With their extensive experience, they help the sounds made by SUNON products to become more pleasant to the ears, thus creating a more agreeable operating environment.
◎Precision Measurement and Materials Analysis Studies:
 As a response to the refinement and diversification trend in product development, SUNON established a material laboratory in 2007 which is dedicated to the improvement of service life of the bearing system and the machining precision of materials of our fan products.  The aim is to identify the key influence factors in product design and then solve problems such as abnormal sound, vibration, and temperature rise so that the motor system will be more stable and the performance of our fan products will be effectively improved.  The material laboratory also provides more accurate data for the analysis of products and client projects or in the initial development of products, so as to help the birth of products with improved quality.
◎Airflow/Air Pressure Testing System:
 SUNON has, in response to various airflow/air pressure measurement requirements of its clients, purchased all necessary airflow/air pressure testing equipment for various measurement scenarios—from the measurement of a single fan to the measurement of an entire system.  There are large ones for the measurement of fans of 1200CFM and 20inch-H2O, which not only can carry out high airflow/high air pressure tests but can measure the internal airflow/air pressure of the system in operation as well.  As a response to the requirements for the development of miniature products (for example, millimeter-sized fans series), the reliability laboratory of SUNON is also uses precision airflow measurement equipment that can measure an airflow as low as 0.0046CFM, so that it can meet the requirements for the verifications of hand-held products and miniature products in the future.
◎Temperature/Humidity Testing System:
 In order to conform to the verification requirements of the automobile electronic industry, the SUNON temperature/humidity testing system has been upgraded from the original range of -50 ~ 100°C to new equipment capable of testing under the environment range of -60 ~ 150°C.  This new system is capable of performing high/low temperature circulation, high-temperature high-humidity, and thermal shock test as required by SUNON’s clients.
◎Product-life Automated Testing System 
 SUNON’s product-life automated testing system comprises two main methods:  Room Temperature Test and High Temperature Test.  The system is computer controlled and monitored on a 24-hour basis and can test as many as 2,800 fans at the same time.  Hence any fan failure can be detected in real time and the fan life can be accurately estimated.