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Business Headquarters

 In order to expand its business territory in the international market, SUNON has been actively preparing its global strategy.  In 2004, it set up a business headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan to serve as the center for business decision making and as a base for value creation.
 The SUNON headquarters is in charge of planning the company’s global marketing strategies as a whole, integrating the company’s resources to carry out R & D, planning the strategic distribution of the company’s product manufacturing and marketing throughout the world, upgrading the company’s technology through invention and innovation, building the company’s core high value-added productivity and high efficient marketing support, and creating even higher value-added products and services.
‧Marketing Branches
 SUNON has established its business headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and set up various branches and offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and other places. These, together with its more than 100 distributors throughout the world and some 1000 sales & service sites, constitute a large customer service and technical support network that covers five continents of the world.
 In order to provide more prompt and more complete services to its clients, SUNON has adopted a comprehensive electronic service system which enables it to solve clients’ problems and meet their overall needs.
‧Production Bases
To ensure sufficient capacity for mass produced parts, SUNON has established four professional production facilities in the following locations :Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Foshan (Guangdong), China; Kunshan (Jiangsu), China; and Beihai (Guangxi), China. From these four locations, SUNON is capable of producing AC and DC fan and motor models that range in size from 8mm to 250mm, as well as a variety of thermal modules. Our ERP system gives us the flexibility to meet our clients’demands and our monthly production capacity of 20 million cooling modules and 27 million AC/DC fans is among the best in the world.  
 SUNON has, in addition to the construction of an EMS system, invested a large amount of manpower and materials and introduced up-to-date software and hardware facilities for the design and construction of production assembly lines and automated inspection equipment that are far above the average level of the industry.  These production advances include the Fully Automated Cooling Modules Production Line in a Single Machine, the Self-developed Production Line Automated Inspection Device, and an independent barcode with each cooling product, all of which provide its clients with the best production quality and a complete quality inspection.
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