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Customized Solutions

Sunon’s all-encompassing solutions are designed to help customers with faster integration, lower development cost, increased profits, shorter prototype development time, resulting in a solution with the greatest economic benefit.

 Sunon has acquired a rich array of experience through cooperation with its customers on a wide variety of systems, as well as an unprecedented ability to solve cooling problems. Sunon utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques to build the most suitable cooling systems tailor-made for customers’ latest design concepts and products. From function, accessories, shape, and cost, to commodity experience, Sunon gives careful consideration to its customer’s particular goals in order to satisfy its demands.

 Sunon’s all-embracing solutions offer customers a wide assortment of customized cooling products. Moreover, depending on the customer’s system, Sunon may offer custom-made accessories and assemblies, for example: design and production of larger cooling fan modules, fan mounting parts and accessories, additional fan anti-vibration cover & pad, air flow guide cover adapted to the channel design, handles for spare cooling parts for rapid change of equipment operating for a long periods of time, among a number of other complicated parts and accessories. Sunon provides its customers with complete modules and speeds up the development of their product prototypes.


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