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EC Fan Series

EC Axial Fan (AC to DC) with Super High Perfomance for
Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers

SUNON EC Axial fan applied high efficient brushless DC motors and those products’ power consumption reduced almost 80% compared with our conventional AC Axial fans. Furthermore, it also pass dust-proof, water-proof IP68 rating. Importantly, SUNON EC fan also meet EU ATEX directive and protect most of flammable refrigerant (such as R600a, R290, R32, etc.) to make sure the safety of commercial refrigerator, freezer, icemaker, heat-pump water heater, heat-pump dryer and air-conditioning application.

▪IP68-Dust and Water Proof

Sunon’s IP68 Fan Series completely wraps the entire motor with a patent motor protection technique. This technique can effectively protect from substances like dust and water.

▪ATEX Explosion-proof Certification

CFCs in the HCFC refrigerants adopted by cold storage facilities nowadays are gradually being banned or minimized by countries around the world for their destruction of the ozone layer. Instead, an increasing number of cold storage facilities are using freon-free environment-friendly refrigerants. However, most environment-friendly refrigerants are made of Hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons contain an explosion risk and flammability,as a result, when fans are being used in such environments with risk potential, explosion-proof safety is extremely crucial. Sunon’s commercial cold storage facility EC fans have been certified by the EU ATEX. They can meet the demands for use safety by commercial cold storage facilities which adopt environment-friendly refrigerants.


Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine cabinet.




120X120X38 mm 

Ø250X77.4 mm 

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