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EC Motor Series

SUNON HVAC EC motor is a high performance 3 phase permanent magnet motor with brushless structure. With its outstanding electrical commutated technology, the efficiency is much higher than conventional motors under heavy loading.

SUNON HVAC EC motors are designed primarily for use in the evaporator of commercial refrigeration and walk in coolers and freezers as well as split system, heat pump and package system outdoor condensers.
The motor can also be used for indoor constant airflow blower while adjusting the program in the microchip of the motor. Customers will enjoy the high efficiency and energy saving benefits in many residential or commercial HVAC applications.



▪ Performance of Motor with Constant Airflow Control Mode
Above the maximum Static Pressure, the Constant Airflow control mode won’t be kept,
so it’s a must to pre-determine it based on real pressure change.

※ The performance of SUNON constant airflow control mode is better than famous US company’s.
※ SUNON motor provides lower power consumption.
※ SUNON blower provides higher overall fan efficiency.

▪ NTI Performance of Constant Speed 
▪ Specification
Output 1/3 HP 1 HP
Speed 1,100 RPM/3,000 RPM 1,100 RPM

[ Electrical  ]
Voltage:200~240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Control mode:Constant Speed and Constant Air Flow
Efficiency:Maximum 92.1%
Speed sensor:Sensorless

[ Mechanica ]
Type:NEMA 48 frame 
Shaft:1/2”diameter, single flat
Bearing:Ball bearing with wide temperature range grease
Operating Position:Vertical Shaft Down, Horizontal or Vertical Shaft Up
Enclosure:Totally enclosed – air over required

[ Environmental ]
Operating Temperature:-40°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature:-40°C to 80°C
Design Life:80,000Hrs for evaporator and condenser fan application
IP Class:IP54

※Sample available now
※Mass production : Nov, 2018
※Specifications in this catalog are preliminary specification for reference. 
※Specifications are subject to change without notice. 
※More SUNON products information, please contact SUNON sales.

▪ Application

- Evaporators of commercial refrigeration and walk in coolers and freezers 
- Split air conditioning system, Heat pump, Package system outdoor condensers.
- Indoor Gas furnace direct blower
- Transport Refrigeration


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