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DC Fan & Blower Series
Building a greener environment with technology
Your first choice for IT and communication equipment
heat dissipation
Product Features : High airflow, high static pressure, high temperature resistance
& long service life
As a joint effort with its partners to build a new-generation eco-oriented heat sink, SUNON has specially designed an innovative high airflow fan, the Power Motor Fan, for IT and communication equipment. This series of fans is provided with a patented magnetic levitation motor from SUNON, meeting three prerequisites -- high airflow, high static pressure, and long service life. The product series’ outstanding performance is demonstrated by the substantial improvement of heat dissipation efficiency of the system. In accordance with the concept of greener products, SUNON Power Motor Fan is EU RoHS and China RoHS compliant, highlighting the appeal of eco-oriented high cooling efficiency.


36X36X28 mm

38X38X28 mm

40X40X15 mm
40X40X24 mm
40X40X28 mm
40X40X56 mm
60X60X20 mm
60X60X25 mm
60X60X38 mm
60X60X56 mm
60X60X60 mm
60X60X76 mm
70X70X20 mm
70X70X25 mm
80X80X20 mm
80X80X25 mm
80X80X38 mm
80X80X80 mm
92X92X25 mm
92X92X38 mm
120x120x38 mm
140x140x38 mm
140x140x51 mm
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