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DC Fan & Blower Series
Conveying a new concept of hearing impression -
The Super Silence Fan
Extremely silent, designed with Audio Aesthetics, low starting voltage
At a time when technology takes on a highly humanized appearance to become a part of our future lives, SUNON developed the Super Silence Fan series, with its persistent attention to detail and acoustic quality, where we have incorporated mini motor technology into the fans to maximize the space between the fan blades and the airflow passage. Low starting voltage is a characteristic feature of the Super Silence Fan, which enables it to run at a low speed without losing its excellent cooling efficiency. The fan can be extensively used in medical equipment, household electrical appliances, kitchen facilities, business equipment, etc. Consistent with the characteristic “cool” and “silent” performance of SUNON's products, the Super Silence Fan will give the user the best overall experience.


30X30X10 mm

40X40X10 mm

40X40X20 mm

50X50X15 mm

60X60X15 mm

60X60X25 mm

80X80X25 mm

92X92X25 mm

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