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2009/10/02 - DR MagLev Motor Fan Product Change Notice

DR MagLev motor fan
DR MagLev = Dust-Resistance MagLev

Sunon DR Maglev (Dust-Resistance MagLev) Motor Fan uses the MagLev technology with new design features of dust-resistance and S&C (seal & clip). After 8 years of development and testing, Sunon’s DR MagLev Motor Fan is being introduced with five advantages: prevents the stator and impeller from moving, better oil leak prevention, better dust-resistance, higher reliability, and longer life expectancy.

Design Concepts and Characteristics of DR MagLev
The two innovative design concepts of DR MagLev development are B&S (Blanked & Seamless) Technology and S&C (Seal & Clip) Design. These innovative designs bring three excellent efficiencies to extend fan life: 1.To avoid dust invasion and extend motor life. 2.To prevent oil leakage. 3.To prevent the motor components from falling off.
(Note: The design concepts of DR MagLev Motor are suitable for every kind of motor and product size. The structures are different from the above picture, which was made when the DR MagLev design was applied to different motors.)
Characteristic 1: Characteristic 2: Characteristic 3:
The innovative S&C Design provides the best resistance to dust invasion. DR MagLev’s one-piece structure with the B&S Technology and S&C Design provides the best prevention of oil leakage. The S&C Design strengthens the locked position of both motor and stator to avoid stator and impellor from moving due to temperature changes. This allows the product to be more stable and run longer.
SUNON Innovative S&C Design
This design concept can solve the moving problem of the motor’s components, provide better dust-resistance, and improved oil leak prevention. It can avoid the impeller from moving and provide better oil leak prevention.


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