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2010/05/26 - Sunon Mighty Mini Fans, LED Thermal Modules, and Super Green Fans Focus of Computex Taipei 2010

Sunon Mighty Mini Fans, LED Thermal Modules, and Super Green
Fans Focus of Computex Taipei 2010
Computex Taipei 2010
Date:2010/06/01(二)~ 06/05(六)
Sunon Booth No.:Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall(Hall 1)J1001a、J1002、J1005a、J1006
    Computex Taipei 2010, the largest B2B professional computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center from June 1 to June 5 2010. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Sunon, which also coincides with the 30th anniversary of Computex Taipei. Because of this, Sunon has been \ invited to post historical photos of its previous participation in the exhibition onto the logo wall of Computex Taipei. Sunonwealth Electric Machine, having concentrated in the core technology of motors for 30 years, has adopted “green” as its design theme for the exhibition and has incorporated the concepts of small/thin, quiet, cool, and energy-saving into its Sunon series products. It will display the smallest/thinnest Mighty Mini Fan & Blower in the world and also the Super Green Fan which is specially designed for servers. The exhibition will also witness the first release of Sunon’s One-module LED Thermal modules, developed with a design emphasis on lighter, smaller, and safer. Moreover, Sunon will also display its full thermal product lines, including thermal modules used in diverse application fields such as automotive, IT industry, home applications, and projectors.
Millimeter-sized Fans—Driving the Downsizing Trend in Thermal Products
     Since the year 2000, Sunon has been investing a lot of time and money in the development of innovative technology for precision mini fans. This culminated in the 2007 release of its Mighty Mini Fan & Blower, a series of products developed with state-of-the-art technology and featuring the smallest and thinnest size and the lowest electricity consumption. We have also assisted our clients in the development of thermal solutions for various portable mini electronic products such as mini projector, MID, air pollution detector, intelligent mobile phone, etc. Sunon’s innovative thermal technology, featuring smaller and thinner size, has won the National Invention and Creation Silver Award 2009 and the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2010 and has been invited to be on display in the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion (1F Area I, Nangang Exhibition Hall) of Computex Taipei 2010.
The “One-module” LED Thermal Module New!
     In the global trend of energy-saving and carbon-reduction, the LED lighting industry has become a green energy industry that has substantial development potential in the 21st century. Sunon’s LED thermal modules are designed with three innovations: a bidirectional fan design to prevent dust deposition, a patented blocking-ring design to prevent recirculation of hot air, and a quieter high quality thermal design. Recently, these modules have been adopted by major European LED manufacturers. The display of LED thermal modules has been specially designed for visitors of Computex Taipei 2010 to witness the excellent performance of Sunon’s LED thermal products, which are developed with a simplified design philosophy featuring a brand new “One-module” concept. A thermal module developed with this design philosophy can be used in many models of LED lighting fittings, thus simplifying the design process at the client’s end. It is expected that 3 thermal module models (7-15W, 10-25W, 25-40W) will be released in the exhibition, each of which can be flexibly used as a thermal solution for various LED products including LED bulbs, LED tubes, MR16 projectors, and LED lamps.
The Super Green Fan—an ultra stable thermal solution for servers
    Of all requirements set by clients in the telecom and server markets, stability is always the primary one. In this regard, an optimum heat dissipation performance is a critical factor in the maintenance of high system operation stability. Since its release in 2009, the Super Green Fan has been acknowledged by major international IT companies like CISCO and DELL. The electricity consumption of the product is almost half of conventional products, due to the application of an energy-saving three-phase internal rotor motor, with fan blades optimized for air flow concentration and passage. Moreover, the operational vibration amplitude of the fan is reduced by 38% and the air flow is increased by 10%. Two 60x60x38mm Super Green Fans will be put into operation back to back on the scene for visitors to witness the high static pressure of the product. Meanwhile, Sunon’s strength in designing products that can meet the advanced heat dissipation requirements set by high density, multi-group servers and telecommunication equipment is demonstrated by Fan Tray, an intelligent software simulation control system developed by Sunon.
The Birth of DR MagLev, a New Technology
     Sunon released its MagLev Motor Fan in 1999 and has delivered more than 600 million products in a decade. Towards the end of 2009, Sunon released a DR MagLev (Dust-Resistance MagLev) design which features excellent oil leakage prevention and dust resistance, higher reliability, and longer service life, in addition to delivering better performance.
    In addition to its years of dedication to invention and innovation of fans, Sunon has also been extensively acknowledged for its ability to design thermal modules for notebook computers. With the introduction of the patented automatic dust removing design, Sunon’s thermal solutions can meet the heat dissipation requirements of next generation products which feature lighter weight and thinner size, such as mini notebook computers, desktop computers, AIO Netbooks, etc. Also planned for the exhibition are four major application fields of thermal products: automobile electronics thermal modules demanding rigorous quality requirements; high air flow, high efficiency fan series specially designed for the telecommunication industry; ultra-silent fan series for the best sound quality; and projector fans that can withstand high temperatures. Visitors will be able to witness at Computex Taipei 2010 how Sunon’s strong technical strength helps its clients achieve innovation. And the image of Sunon as a high quality brand will take root in their hearts.


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