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2010/06/17 - SUNON “One-Module” LED Thermal Module Attracting Japanese Media at Computex Taipei 2010

SUNON “One-Module” LED Thermal Module Attracting Japanese
Media at Computex Taipei 2010
Ranking second in the whole world and the largest in Asia, Computex Taipei 2010, the ICT industrial fair held each June and attended by most Taiwanese technical manufacturers, successfully finished on June 5th, 2010. According to the statistics from Computex Taipei 2010, there were 1,715 exhibitors and 4,861 booths this year which set a new record and was 8% above that of the last fair. With over twenty thousand professionals from abroad arriving at the fair on the first day, most of them coming from U.S., Japan, and Korea, along with a growing number of buyers from China, the amount of business opportunities for the ICT industry totaled over 10 billion U.S. dollars. Following the trend of e-generation’s portable electronic products in “lightness”, “thinness”, and “miniaturization”, Sunon Mighty Mini Fan and Blower series (at 8mm, the smallest size of the world; and at 3mm, the thinnest size of the world), have been, since they entered the market in 2007, the products most frequently examined at fairs. Continuing the design focus on lightness, miniaturization, and safety, the first announced “One-Module” LED heat sink module, an innovative, patented design from Sunon which simplifies a customer’s design process and reduces the temperature of the LED bulb, is the product that is attracting most people’s attention, as well as garnering live interviews from the Japanese media this year.
“One-Module” LED Thermal Module Focused by Japanese Media
“Heat” is the most critical factor causing optical attenuation of one LED product. At Computex Taipei 2010, the temperature of one bulb provided with the Sunon LED thermal module based on the concept of “One-Module” (for heat dissipated actively) was compared with that of another bulb without the Sunon LED thermal module installed (for heat dissipated freely). The result was a significant reduction in temperature of by 20.6℃, due to heat actively dissipated with the Sunon LED thermal module. The visitors present at the exhibition praised the data and strongly commended Sunon’s achievements in LED thermal modules, thereby attracting the live interviews of Japanese media.
●The temperature (53.1℃) of the heat sink of an LED bulb provided with a Sunon LED heat sink module for dissipating heat actively (Right) is 20.6℃ lower than the temperature (73.7℃) of another bulb without a Sunon LED heat sink module installed.
High Static Pressure & Ultra-Stable Heat Sink: Super Green Fan for Servers Exclusive
Founded in 1980, Sunon has been extending its efforts to innovate and develop precision motors, mini fans, and heat sink modules, with the innovative technologies in these products often being industry-pioneering items such as Magnetic Levitation Motor, Mighty Mini Fan and Blower, Dust-Resistance MagLev, and Internal Rotor Motor, enabling Sunon to gain a foothold at the front of the industrial trend. A result of this fair is that Sunon’s technical strength and innovative reputation is experienced directly by the customers and the brand image of Sunon’s high quality is also reinforced.
●Features such as high air-flow and high static pressure tested in two 60x60x38mm Super Green Fans (Right) which absorb both air blown from the original product (Left) and polystyrene balls (Center) to the right.
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