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2011/10/25 - Sunon’s to Showcase Five Innovative Cooling Trends at Asia Electronics Exhibition in Shanghai


The 78th China Electronics Fair 2011
November 9-11, 2011
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
Sunon Booth: Hall W1, 1A166
※FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : China Electronics Fair

Kaohsiung, Taiwan — October 17, 2011—In China’s seven strategic emerging industries, each industry is confronted with a variety of cooling issues. As a global leader in cooling solutions, Sunon will be showcasing its innovative responses to these industry-wide needs at the 78th Annual China Electronics Fair taking place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from November 9 through 11, 2011 in Hall W1, Booth 1A166.
Sunon provides integrated services of cooling solutions for key industry products in China and abroad: They will be demonstrating these innovative cooling techniques next month at the China Electronics Fair: small, slim design for aesthetically pleasing products, high air volume for cloud computing, active cooling for LEDs, super silent fans for the auto industry, and super durable cooling elements for severe environmental conditions.

Small, Slim Design for Aesthetically Pleasing Products
  Faced with a rapidly developing high-tech electronics industry, clunky is out and slim, aesthetically pleasing designs are in. The world’s smallest, slimmest, and most energy-saving Mini Fan & Blower represents the most successful innovative, miniature, and slim cooling technique available in the market today. Proven to effectively cool more than 15°C in industrial applications, its small and slim design can completely solve the cooling bottleneck in 3C products, such as tablet PCs, e-books, smartphones, digital cameras, digital video cameras, and more.

High Air Volume: The Answer for Cloud Computing Cooling

  The high air volume fan features energy-saving and environmental-friendly specs required by high-density cloud computing centers, such as high air volume, high static pressure, low vibration, and long service life. The highly efficient energy-saving patent motor design can reduce energy consumption and save business operating costs. The Smart Fan Tray provides various smart control, protection, alarm, and read functions to meet the needs of fast-cooling and convenient maintenance in large-scale equipment. The Smart Fan Tray also has multi-layer protections, such as water and dust resistance and EMC/EMI, making it the superior choice for servers, storage equipments, and information industries.

Active Cooling for High Efficiency LEDs
  With the professional and high-end thermal techniques, Sunon’s LED active cooling module provides high cooling efficiency and low power consumption that can effectively solve cooling problems in LED lighting applications. Sunon active cooling can prevent LED light decline and color rolling, prolong the system’s power life, and extend an LED lamp’s service life. LED active cooling modules work with 15-25W LED light bulbs (A19), 7-15W LED MR16 lamps, and 17-75W LED spot light and down light. For other wattages, Sunon can customize the best thermal design of flow channel to provide total thermal solutions. The “LED street light green fan” and the “LED MR16 light green fan” provide active cooling with high-level cooling techniques and have received the “Taiwan Excellence Award”. At Sunon’s booth in the exhibition, customers can experience active cooling’s effects and its silent design in Sunon’s LED lighting area located in Hall W1, Booth 1A166.

High Tech, Super Silent Cooling for Automobiles, Homes, and Offices

  Sunon has 12 years experience in collaborating with European and American automobile firms to create high-end cooling solutions for automobile electronics. Sunon’s successful cooling designs have been used throughout automobile electronics, including HVAC, electronic control unit (ECU), vehicle seats, instrument panels, and LED headlights. Sunon aims to satisfy its auto customer needs for high safety, high reliability, comfort, and energy-savings.
  The “super silent fan” produces the best sound quality, exhibiting operation silence with superior cooling efficiency. It can be applied to kitchen, home appliances, and medical care equipment. By keeping noise below detectable levels, this technology effectively increases the quality of life within a home or office with its quiet cooling.

Safe from Water, Dust, and Salt Fog Super Durability and Protection for Products

  The new energy industries such as solar energy, automobile, and various outdoor industries require protection from the elements that Sunon can deliver. Sunon’s water and dust resistant fans have excellent weather resistance and are IP68 and GR487 certified for water, dust, and salt fog. These fans are able to operate normally even in harsh environments with large amounts of sand and dust, and they can also operate safely after putting in 1m of water for 60 minutes. To isolate the fan from moisture and salt in the air, Sunon uses a high-tech coating design to strengthen product’s protection effect. This fan’s ensure high-efficiency operation even in the midst of severe environments.
  Sunon’s patented smart automatic dust removal technique can completely solve the operation and service life problems caused by dust disposition. This technique can be widely applied to cooling designs in notebooks, desktops, AIO, netbooks, LED lamps, and other domains to significantly increase product efficiency and service life.

Manufacturers and designers can visit Sunon at the 78th Annual China Electronics Fair 2011 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in Hall W1, Booth 1A166. All of Sunon’s technologies will be available for hands-on viewing and demonstration at the booth.

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