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2014/03/18 - Light+ Building Trade Show in Frankfurt, Germany

Do not miss Sunon cooling solution at 2014 light & building Hall 4.0 G71
Dates:March 30 ~ April 4, 2014
Sunon Booth No.:Hall4.0 G71
Sunon's active cooling solution, relying on DR Maglev motor fans, is four times more effective than passive cooling. The Sunon active cooling module, with its unique flow path design directs cool air to critical areas, decreases the temperature of power components, and extends overall LED life. For 400W high power LED lighting, size and weight are reduced up to 90% ! More than 50 active cooling solutions are provided to better fit with each client application need. This new range will be exhibited at Light & Building 2014 fair, in Germany, from March 30 to April 4.
Whereas passive cooling uses a static heat exchanger, Sunon active cooling relies on the use of an electric fan. The first active cooled MR16 LED was launched in 2009 and uses a SUNON thermal solution.
Sunon active cooling provides many advantages. Volume reduction is obtained as the heat transfer surface area is 4 times smaller than the passive cooling one. Active cooling also reduces the metal volume of the heat exchanger and allows for the use of more plastic as well as decreasing the size of the lamp housing. Considering for instance a 3000lm spot light, the weight is reduced by 67%.
In addition, Sunon active cooling also extends power component life. In LED lighting systems, the power component is the most fragile due to the effect of overheating. The normal life of electronic components (such as electrolytic capacitors) reduces by half with each 10 °C temperature increase. Likewise, its life is doubled with each 10 °C temperature decrease. The Sunon active cooling module decreases the electrolytic capacitor temperature of a 19 LED by 30°C!
By lowering the use of metallic materials both for the cooling system and the LED housing, significant cost savings are furthermore reached. For a 3000lm spot light application, the price is cut by half.
Sunon's DR (Dust Resistance) MagLev motor fan has needed 8 years of development and testing. It offers five main advantages: prevents the stator and impeller from moving, better oil leak prevention, better dust-resistance, higher reliability, and longer life expectancy. The two innovative design concepts of DR MagLev development are B&S (Blanked & Seamless) Technology and S&C (Seal & Clip) Design. They provide the best resistance to dust invasion, and the best prevention of oil leakage. The S&C Design also strengthens the locked position of both motor and stator to avoid stator and impellor from moving due to temperature changes. This allows the product to be more stable and run longer. The warranty of the DR MagLev motor fans can be extended by 5 years.
The Sunon active cooling range includes 50 different product references and can also be customized. The company supplies indoor lighting products to its customers through OEMs and ODMs. In addition to providing the best LED lighting cooling modules, Sunon also offers complete lamp channel-design and planning, as well as offer standard self-made MR16 and A19 indoor lighting products. Sunon provides clients with a highly-efficient, streamlined process for taking products from design concept, to complicated verification testing, and then to mass production, allowing companies to be the first to launch their innovations in the marketplace.
Sunon has rich experience and strong background in total thermal solution. Based on the great success of the previous experiences in the past thirty years, Sunon will be joining Light + Building 2014 which will be held on March30 to April 4 in Frankfurt Germany. Sunon will introduce new Eco Ventilation fans for Green Building to show the revolutionary technology. At Sunon's booth in the exhibition, you can see Sunon's bathroom ventilation fan, Bathroom hidden ventilation fan/LED light, Utility hidden ventilation fan/LED light and Single room ventilation fan without heat recovery and those can be applied to bathroom, kitchen, small office, high rise, hospital, garage, school, hotel, nursing home and etc.


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