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2017/01/16 - Unveiling our latest energy saving products at ISH Frankfurt 2017


SUNON presents new technologies at ISH Frankfurt 2017
SUNON is delighted to present the new products at ISH show, which will be held in Frankfurt, from 14 th to 18 th March, 2017. It's our greatest honour to invite you exploring our most energy saving product showcase and innovation.
Cordially welcome you to visit our booth and discuss about potential business opportunities. Looking forward to seeing you soon !

  EC Fan and Motor  
  For Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers, Beverage Coolers, Icemakers, Heat-pump Water Heaters, Heat-pump Dryers and Air-conditioning Application.
SUNON EC Axial fan applied high efficient brushless DC motors and those products power consumption reduced almost 80% compared with our conventional AC Axial fans. Furthermore, it also pass dust-proof, water-proof IP68 rating. Importantly, SUNON EC fan also meet EU ATEX directive and protect most of flammable refrigerant (such as R600a, R290, R32, etc.) to make sure the safety while normal or abnormal operation condition. more >>

  Range Hood Internal EC Blower  
  SUNON Range Hood Internal EC blowers provide excellent performance and comfortable sound levels. Durable construction features meet the needs of professional-style cooking appliances. The high ventilation and static pressure meets the mainstream type and size of the cooking surface.  

  SUNON EC Centrifugal Fan
SUNON EC Centrifugal Fan provides high efficiency based on nearly four decades of EC fan technologies. Besides the low noise operating, the robust mechanical and electronic design brought the maintenance free user experience. Different control mode for speed and airflow are available to meet customer’s systematic requirement.

  SUNON Horse Power EC Blower
SUNON EC motor is a high performance 3-phase permanent magnet motor with brushless structure. Equipped with the high efficiency blower, the applications can be evaporator of commercial refrigeration and walk in coolers and freezers as well as split system, heat pump and package system outdoor condensers. The assembly can also be used for indoor constant airflow blower while adjusting the program in the microchip of the motor.

SUNON HVAC EC motor is a high performance 3 phase permanent magnet motor with brushless structure. With its outstanding electrical commutated technology, the efficiency is much higher than conventional motors under heavy loading.

  High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Mega Fan EC Motor  
  The HVLS fan is a wide diameter mega ceiling fan which moves High Volume of air at Low Speed. The High Volume airflow creates effective ventilation over a larger space and the Low Speed delivers gentle air movement rather than disruptive and uncomfortable wind. Based on nearly four decades of EC motor design and manufacturing experience, SUNON EC motor is design especially for HVLS fan. The extreme high efficiency of motor lowered energy bills and conformed to the worldwide trend of ecotechnology.  

  Eco DC Brushless Ventilation Fan  
  TUMÄ DC Ventilation Fan is an energy-saving technological evolution and helps to improve the indoor air quality in your home. More energy saving (80%), silent, safe, water-proof, this product was designed to create a healthy and comfortable green house life! The TUMÄ series’ Minimalist style and novel design subverts the harsh traditional ventilation shape by translating it into a concise aesthetic for a modern home. more >>  
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