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New product information
products of 4mm thickness or below

As smart phones, tablets and ultrabooks, etc. are becoming slimmer, more and more mobile products are going thinner and lighter and becoming more highly efficient. A new-generation of products is being introduced with the latest 4-core processor. Moreover, in the future, an 8-core processor technology is also being considered. These mobile devices outperform their older counterparts in terms of speed, bandwidth and capacity, and their functions are more diverse. Therefore cooling technique will play an even more crucial, rigorous role in the future!
For the past 32 plus years, Sunon has been committed to innovation and invention in the miniature cooling field. The company has been creating various "thin and light cooling fan" series of products (30x30x3mm〜8x8x3mm) in addition to products of 2mm thickness or below that can be custom-made. Clearly, Sunon can completely meet the cooling needs of mobile products.
Over the years, the company has been working hard to obtain patents and provide innovation in an aim to be No.1 in the industry. Sunon has been rated No.48 in terms of technical strength around the world and No.4 in Taiwan by "MIT Technology Review"! These prestigious awards give proof to the fact that Sunon’s technical strength is champion in the industry.
Traditional fans are 0.6cm minimum thickness. They have a large interior space and use washers, retaining rings, and other necessary parts. Moreover, they fix the fan in place and make it rotate using silicon steel and magnets which supply magnetic lines of force. With slim cooling fans, however, thickness is significantly reduced to 0.4cm or smaller and their internal space is greatly reduced. As no washers and retaining rings are used and magnetic lines of force are insufficient when rotating, the competition’s fans are subject to blade run-outs, blade loosening, and ineffective dust blocking. All these will impact the cooling efficiency, even endangering the product’s service life.


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