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New product information
LED Self-Cleaning Cooling Module

Sunon LED Thermal Module  


 Innovation No.1: Prevent Hot Air From Flowing Back
Patent Blocking Ring Design

Sunon has explored LED indoor lighting industry demands and established a research team that specializes in LED cooling. Armed with nearly 30 years of experience in cooling, the team concentrated on the development of LED indoor lighting cooling designs. Sunon LED indoor lighting cooling technology has a unique, patented “blocking ring” design. At the module's ventilator inlet, a blocking ring is added that can both control and increase the speed of airflow. On the one hand, it can quickly exhaust hot air, prevent hot air from flowing back to the light bulb to produce high temperature, and considerably increase cooling efficiency (practical tests showed a 10°C reduction compared to conventional designs). On the other hand, it can also reduce overall acoustic noise (practical tests showed a 17dBA reduction compared to conventional designs). Sunon possesses superior competitive advantages because the firm applied its innovative technology to significantly improve cooling efficiency of LED indoor lighting products. Sunon provides a comfortable living space as well with an LED lighting product design that meets your demand for optimization and creates a future with better, more convenient living.


  Fluid Dynamic Analysis
Original design
Sunon New Solution
Reverse Flow Region
Blocking Ring



 Innovation No.2: Prevent Dust From depositing
Patent Two-Way Operation Design
With technology development of LED indoor lighting cooling, Sunon has strengthened its professional design capability and has developed a unique two-way operation design for fans. Built on a patented loop design, the fan rotates clockwise at the moment it starts up in order to clean the dust from the bulb. This is to avoid any dust - drawn into the fan during rotation – from being blown into the cooling module and light bulb, thereby resulting in lower efficiency. After rotating clockwise for a few seconds, the fan automatically reverses direction and rotates counter-clockwise for cooling. This leading technology not only increases light bulb cooling efficiency, it also demonstrates Sunon's outstanding achievement in prolongs the LED light bulb's overall service life.
Fan rotates clockwise,
to clean the dust from the bulb
Fan rotates counter-clockwise,
for cooling


 Innovation No.3: Harmonious Sound Quality
Quiet Cooling Design, Creating a High-Quality Living Environment

Indoor lighting equipment should emphasize low acoustic noise in accordance to its usage demands, therefore the problem of how to decrease fan acoustic noise has to be solved. Sunon has devoted considerable amount of research time and effort to sound quality engineering. The firm also emphasizes the balance of sound quality and silence design, enabling Sunon fan products to be applied to digital families. Quality sound products like low-noise MagLev Motor Fan and Super Silence Fan have received high recognition from customers and are used widely.

In addition to sound quality development, high-tech computer systems such as Head Measurement System (HMS) are utilized to provide indoor tranquility and a comfortable environment without any interference. Sunon’s products produce the best sound quality and solve the noise problems that many users have. Moreover, Sunon demonstrates LED indoor lighting products’ quiet cooling efficiency and makes them more user-friendly and pragmatic.

To meet customer demands with the optimum design flexibility, Sunon LED indoor lighting cooling module solutions offer customized service. Under the technical support of the research team, Sunon can develop products and designs according to customer needs and also work together with customers to create products for the next generation. Sunon can satisfy customer needs on LED indoor lighting products' overall cooling effects because we want our customers to personally feel the three virtues of Sunon - “Brand, Innovation, and Value”. That is, “Because of Sunon, customers are satisfied”; “Because of Sunon, systems are compact and user-friendly”; and “Because of Sunon, society is full of hope for the future”



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