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New product information
Philips Fortimo LED Spot Light Module SLM System

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LED Lighting Cooling Module
for PHILIPS Fortimo SLM System


The Sunon high-efficiency active cooling module meets the high-power cooling requirements of the Philips Fortimo LED SLM system, while allowing its 17W~75W LED Spotlight to give the highest quality lighting possible.
Philips Fortimo LED SLM System
Quality of light,minimum maintenance
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    Model No. TA001-11002 TA003-10003 TA004-10003
    Module Dimension ∮86 x 15 mm ∮86 x 52.5 mm ∮86 x 52.5 mm
    Weight 114g 237g 233g
    Cooling Module Noise @ 1M 14.0 dB(A) 15.1 dB(A) 16.2 dB(A)
    Rated Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 12VDC
    Power Consumption 0.28 W 0.28 W 0.34 W
    Fan Speed 2200RPM 2200RPM 2200RPM
    Heat Sink Material AL6063 AL6063 AL6063
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1. Tc : Maximum Surface Temperature of LED Module, Ta : Ambient Temperature
2. All specifications were tested in free air.
3. Products or Information are subject to change without notice. Please contact with Sunon Sales.
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10 Advantages
to choose SunonR Cooling Module for Philips Fortimo SLM System

1. Tested, Approved and Recommended by Philips:
Officially listed on Philips design guide

2. Excellent Noise Level:
lowest noise solution passed by Philips criteria

3. Noise Stability Over Time:
DR MagLev technology avoids fan vibration and noise

4. High Cooling Efficiency:
The optimized thermal design is suitable for all series of SLM system from 17 to 75W

5. Long Life:
Dust-resistance bearing system

6. High Reliability:
5 years warranty option

7. Compact and Light:
Efficient thermal design with reduced heat sink size and weight

8. Immediate Availability:
Complete European distribution network

9. 30-year Experience of Total Thermal Design:
Optimal thermal design of fan and heat sink

10. Thermal Expert Dedicated to Silence Home Applications :
Super Silence HA fan series (3-12 cm)



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