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Confronting the challenges of harsh environment without fear
Dust-proof, Water-proof Fan Series

Confronted with increasingly intense changes in the global environment, Sunon’s new “Dust-proof, Water-proof Fan Series” completely wraps the entire motor with a patent motor protection technique to effectively pass dust-proof, water-proof IP68 rating. This technique can effectively protect from substances like dust and water. Even in harsh environments, like deserts, the Polar Regions, high elevation, etc., the fan can still operate steadily and for a long period of time to provide high-efficiency cooling. This demonstrates, once again, Sunon’s industry-leading product competitiveness!


ø84.9X15.4 mm 

60X60X15 mm 

80X80X25 mm 

80X80X32 mm 

92X92X25 mm 


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