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2009/10/02 - Sunon Receives Contribution Award and Invention Award at 2009

    After a series of evaluations, Sunon has earned two rare awards at the 2009 National Invention and Creation Award ceremony. One award is the contribution award which commends Sunon’s effort on the number of copyrights, product patents, and research incentives for its employees. The second award is the invention award for developing the world’s thinnest fan that is used to cool down electronic devices.
    To encourage invention and innovation, the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs holds this competition every year. Each year, more and more products and companies are entered for the competition of the National Invention and Creation Award. This year, there were a total of 322 entries, including 184 invention awards, 111 creation awards, and 26 contribution awards.
    The fan, with a thickness of only 3 mm, in barely half as thick as the 5 mm regular mini fans, and is 1 mm thinner than the thinnest fan of 4 mm that is produced by a Japanese company.
    Mini fans are in high demand as electronic devices, such as mobile phones and wrist watches, are competing with each other to be the smallest of their kind.
    Sunon has patented its invention, which can be installed in small spaces in electronic products and which propels strong air currents through its blades.
    Founded in 1980, Sunon owns 1,367 patents globally, including 187 obtained in the last four years, most of which involve the core technology of motor manufacturing.
    An executive of Sunon said the company boasts a worldwide market share of 26 percent for projectors, 19 percent for notebooks, 8 percent for audio/video systems in vehicles, and 6 percent for servers.

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