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2009/12/02 - SUNON’s First Presentation at Asia Electronics Exhibition 2009 in Shanghai Received Great Acclaim

SUNON’s First Presentation at Asia Electronics Exhibition 2009 in Shanghai Received Great Acclaim
Innovative LED Cooling Design and the World’s Smallest Mighty Mini Fan & Blower Became the Hotspot in the Exhibition
From November 11th to 13th, 2009, the 74th China Electronics Fair (CEF) and 2009 Asia Electronics in Shanghai (AEES) were held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) for three days. The exhibition attracted around 1,500 exhibitors to display their products, including high-end parts and components, instrument panels, automated equipment and tools, photoelectrics, and power supplies. There were also on hand advanced electronic technology such as semiconductor testing technology, virtual instrument technology, new energy and energy-saving technology, 3-D stereoscopic video, virtual reality technology, and wireless broadband technology that can be applied in fields like AutoTronics, consumer electronics, communications, industry, and the military industry. There were 60,121 professional participants and the fervent atmosphere sent the message of economic recovery. Many emerging industries had come under the spotlight in the exhibition.  SUNON held the key to global heat treatment demand and the trend and development of energy saving. At AEES 2009, SUNON announced various top cooling technologies, including the world’s smallest, slimmest Mighty Mini Fan & Blower, the Super Green Fan, the LED Cooling Module, AutoTronics Cooling Solution, and the Thin Cooling Module for Notebooks. SUNON has received numerous inquiries from the visitors, who also showed high appreciation and recognition for SUNON’s high-end design ability and high quality products.
The World’s Smallest, Slimmest Mighty Mini Fan & Blower: Highlight of Innovative Design of Portable Product
SUNON Mighty Mini Fan & Blower represents the most successful innovative, small and slim cooling technology. The small and slim design conforms to the high-tech trend and portable electronic products which needs cooling and forced air convection in an extremely confined space, such as micro projector, UMPC, MID, GPS, PMP, mini notebook, and smartphone. Working in coordination with clients, SUNON used the world’s top technology to create the most optimal design for high-end handheld electronic products.
Top Example for Energy Saving and a Green IT Must Have: Super Green Fan
In order to respond to the server and communication industries’ need for establishing a Green IT, SUNON applied its green technology to create the Super Green Fan which integrated five innovative patent designs: the 3-phase energy-saving motor design, the internal rotor motor design, the best fan blade design, and the hermetic motor structure. These designs not only reduce power consumption by nearly half, the vibration produced during operation is also down 38% and air flow up 10%.
LED Cooling Module: the Only Patent Design for Automatic Fan Dust Removal in the Industry
SUNON LED cooling module had three innovative designs, including a 2-way rotation’s automatic dust removal design, a patent blocking ring design that prevents hot air from flowing back, and a high-quality, silent cooling design. In the exhibition, SUNON presented an active cooling design for 15W household LED indoor light bulbs and 20W-40W commercial LED downward lights. These innovative patent designs completely have overcome the high temperature bottleneck confronting LED design and present a silent operation making LED indoor lighting products more humane and practical.
The Optimized Cooling Module that Satisfies All Types of Customized Demands
As the world’s top notebook cooling professional, SUNON has stayed on top of the global information mobilization trend and developed a Thin-and-Light super slim cooling module. SUNON has the world’s state-of-the-art technology - leading 5.5mm innovative low power consumption motor design, dust-resistant and leak preventive magnetic levitation slim structure, and multi-channel cooling patent technology. High cooling efficiency and silent cooling are valued at the same time. SUNON persisted on demands for a high-standard quality to satisfy diversified and strict cooling needs from the mainstream - slim, commercial, and portable products.
Since its founding in 1980, SUNON has worked towards innovative R&D of precision motors, mini fans, and cooling modules. Many of its innovative technologies have become the first in the industry, including magnetic levitation motor technology, Waturbo technology, mini motor technology, dust-resistant magnetic levitation design, and internal rotor motor design. These have powered SUNON to stay at the front of the industrial trend.  In order to march forward into the international market and broaden the business operations territory, SUNON actively engaged in a worldwide strategy and established headquarters in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2004 as the base for global operation. Through subsidiary companies and offices in Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, over 100 dealers, and 1000 sales service centers, SUNON offers the best and fastest instant service for clients who have cooling needs around the globe. SUNON is insistent on using its inventive, innovative spirit to develop products and provide services with higher added-value so that clients can experience the true meaning of SUNON’s “Brand, Innovation, Value”.
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