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2011/04/22 - Sunon LED Environmentally Friendly, Energy-Saving Cooling Fans Receive Taiwan Excellence Award

Both Sunon’s LED streetlamp cooling fan and its LED MR16 halogen lamp cooling fan received a 19th Annual Taiwan Excellence Award for their high efficiency, high reliability, low current, and green design. Both the LED Streetlamp and LED MR16 are respected throughout the industry for their environmentally friendly, energy-saving design.
Sunon broke through the LED streetlamp high-heat bottleneck by launching an LED streetlamp cooling fan, whose high-efficiency active cooling can solve streetlamp’s high temperature and luminous efficiency problems. This patented fan works in combination with an intelligent circuit control to produce a highly efficient, stable, and reliable product, all while maintaining the integrity of an energy-saving green design. Dust-proof, water-proof, anti-UV, acid- and alkali-resistant, the LED streetlamp cooling fan has passed numerous strict tests, including the GR487 salt fog spray test that ensures the system can operate normally under any severe environment. The fan is bringing a revolutionary change to LED streetlamp performance and design.
Sunon’s LED MR16 halogen lamp cooling fan has successfully broken through the issues that confront high-watt cooling in miniature and lightweight products. For both LED MR16 7W & 10W, Sunon’s fan uses active cooling to lower high temperatures of 120℃ generated during natural cooling to 65℃. This optimal fan-module design features a patented environmental motor, high efficiency, low start-up voltage, low current, and a green design. This product can effectively improve the cooling and luminance of lamps affected by indoor dust buildup and offers sound quality of 20 phon to meet the requirement of lamps mounted indoors.
Sunon launched both these fans in direct response to consumers’ needs, and did so with a continued commitment to energy-saving, green design. The result was not only two fans that are resolving numerous design issues for customers, but fans that were honored with the prestigious Tawain Awards of Excellence. Both have also been invited to be a part of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s (TAITRA) 2011 “Branding Taiwan” initiative for global promotion.
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