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2013/04/17 - Sunon stands out with 2 innovative products at the 21st Taiwan Excellence Awards for 2013

Sunon, a globally renowned miniature fan leader, has been committed to innovation and invention of miniature motor fans for over 30 years. Since 1996, the firm has received awards and silver prizes from the Taiwan Excellence Awards judges. This year, with its worldwide leading innovative slim technique and total cooling solution, Sunon stood out from the intensely competitive field and received awards from the Taiwan Excellence Awards panel of judges.
The Taiwan Excellence Awards selection was hosted by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, and conducted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). A total of 483 candidates (covering electronics, electric products, communication products, parts & components, information applications, PC hardware and peripherals, fashion, life and culture and creative products; leisure, entertainment & sports products, household equipment & building materials, security and hardware and hand tools; precision instruments & medical health materials; chemical products, textile and packaging; transportation materials; cars & motorcycles, aerospace, ships & parts and components; machines & parts and components; power and electric and mechanical equipment, etc.) took part and were evaluated by 5 core evaluation standards – R&D, Design, Quality, Marketing, and Made in Taiwan. A total of 1,221 products were evaluated. After more than 2 months of paper reviews and 4 days of on-site evaluation, 8 referees and 77 assistant referees cautiously evaluated every aspect and selected winners for this year. In this intense competition, Sunon’s “High-Efficiency Cooling Fan for Palm Pocket Projectors” and “High-Lumen LED Spotlight Active Cooling Module Series” was this year’s winners. Sunon also stood out as the only winner in the fan industry. The firm’s innovative value and spirit and technical energy were valued and affirmed by the referees. This suggests that Sunon is an outstanding leader and successful model for the industry to follow.


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