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2014/05/27 - 2014 Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, China

Date:Jun. 11~13 2014
Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China
Sunon Booth No.:N1. D45

Sunon's“Breathing System”is on display
at Mobile Asia Expo 2014, Shanghai, China!
When 4G gets hot, how will mobile devices meet this new “Hot” challenge?
A study from Open Signal suggests that transmission speed in 4G LTE is 10 times faster than 3G. When the era of 4G comes, mobile devices including smart cell phones will gradually replace portable PCs. Nonetheless, it's as if we are compressing a full-function desk-top into a 100g small cell phone space, which takes a large amount of energy and thus heats up the mobile device. After streaming videos and playing games on an ordinary mobile device for some time, the surface temperature may reach up to 40~50℃! According to UL/IEC 62368-1, handheld devices are not allowed to go beyond 48℃ to avoid possible burn effects. As a result, with the coming of a 4G era, the key design is to make sure a mobile device is equipped with good cooling design and is safe to use for a long time!
Cell phones and panels do breathe! Can you believe that?
Global cooling solution leader Sunon plans to demonstrate its“cell phone and panel PC breathing system”&“highly-efficient, energy-saving, IP58 protection level–Cloud cooling solution”at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, June 11~13, 2014. We aim to offer our clients the optimized integral cooling solutions.
“The breathing system for cell phones and panels”effectively cuts down internal temperatures by over 10℃ - automatically and quietly!
Sunon's first“Breathing System”allows your cell phones and panel PCs to breathe! A smart fan combined with a patent channel design, through automatic control, it allows your cell phone or panel to adjust its own temperature like the human body does. This effectively reduces the temperature to prevent low efficiency or even burns due to device overheat. At the same time, a breathable cell phone sleeve allows viewers to experience a silent cooling design.
Cloud cooling solution -“wide voltage, energy-saving, IP68 protection”
In response to the use of cloud industry equipment in different environments, Sunon has developed a series of fan products, featuring high-efficiency cooling, 20% energy saving, high weather resistance IP68, dust & water-proof, etc. In addition, customized salt spray resistant GR487 level certified fans are also available. These products can function normally in any harsh environment, while meeting clients’ requirements. At the same time, in response to special specifications required for outdoor communication equipment, fans can strongly adapt to voltage fluctuation. In 36V-72V, fans can still keep the same speed and cooling efficiency. These products will all be displayed at the tradeshow too.


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