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2014/10/13 - Sunon High energy-saving & Eco-design at Chillventa, Nurnberg

Sunon High energy-saving & Eco-design at Chillventa, Nurnberg
Dates:October 14 ~ October 16, 2014
Sunon Booth No.:Hall7 / 7-717
Nuremberg Trade Fair Center – Germany
In order to develop products with High energy-saving & Eco-design, SUNON has introduced EC technology and BLDC Motor technology to numerous customers in many areas, such as Refrigeration, Automotive, Cooker hood,Air purifier and Ceiling fan. Sunon has been helping its customers carry out their dream for future-generation products. From Oct 14 to Oct 16 at Chillventa Fair, SUNON will showcase products including those technologies, as the world’s first LED downlight with an integrated ventilation fan for bathroom and toilet. In addition, the company will also be displaying their new IP68 fan range as well as their full product line of cooling fans for refrigerators and freezers.
SUNON will exhibit the first LED downlight in the marketplace to feature an integrated ventilation fans. Designed for the private-home market, Eco DC Brushless Ventilation Fan is particularly cost-effective thanks to its fan, which cools the LED light and results in as much as 70% less energy consumption. SUNON'S LED downlights with integrated ventilation fans are also easy to install and maintain. The first model placed on the market is a 12W LED downlight with a 95 m3/h fan.
New series IP68 fan range will also be demonstrated at the fair. Dedicated to harsh environments, they are protected against heavy dust and incoming water. Now, three models are already available : 80 x 80 x 25 mm, 80 x 80 x 32 mm, 92 x 92 x 25 mm, voltage from 12 to 48 V, and airflow from 50 to 75CFM and have been UL/TUV certified. The IP68 fans are dedicated to harsh environment applications, like outdoor telecom, solar farms inverters, factories, onboard automotive, outdoor LED lightings etc. Three models are already available. Several more will be marketed this year. Customization is possible on demand for large series.
SUNON is also providing EC 12038mm and 25078mm cooling fans for freezers. They use EC motor technology that reduces electrical consumption up to 77% with a very low noise. For -40℃ degree, the fan size ranges from 50x50x15 mm to 120x120x38 mm. They have a rated voltage of 85VAC to 245 VAC and offer many options as temperature or power control, PWN etc.
As a cooling expert, Sunon has rich experiences and strong background in total thermal solution. Every day these products will be demonstrated in real-life condition at the stand Hall7-717.
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