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2015/11/04 - Sunon V series server fans offer 15% more efficiency


Sunon V series server fans offer 15% more efficiency
Date:November 24-26, 2015
SUNON Booth No.:Hall 5, stand 171
Messe Nuremberg, Germany
Sunon, the market leading specialist in thermal/cooling technology solutions, is getting ready to launch its innovative new range of V series fans for server and telecom applications in 2016. The Sunon V series, which comprises three-phase VG units and single-phase VF models, offers a number of important advantages over the existing PF series. For example, comparing like-for-like models such as the VG6038 and PF6038 for example, PQ is an impressive 45% higher (PQ is the relationship between air volume and static pressure resulting from loss due to the pressure applied at the fan inlet and outlet). The ability to acquire higher static pressure has been realised through important changes to the conical enclosure design, both dimensionally and dynamically.
Also improved is fan efficiency, which climbs to 41.5%, a 15.6% rise over the comparable PF model. Furthermore, vibration has been reduced by an impressive 48% (average), while noise is 2.4% (1.6 dBA) less thanks to the introduction of specific smooth acoustic design features. Both of these factors help ensure greater operating life expectancy for end users. Indeed, bearing life has also been enhanced by adding vent holes in the hub. This allows bearing operating temperature to be reduced by 10°C (fan life is increased by improving the cooling of bearings).
Among the secrets behind the improved attributes of the new VG series is innovative three-phase motor design concepts, which deliver significant performance improvements over the single phase PF series in terms of motor efficiency and vibration. However, the performance of the new single-phase VF in comparison with the three-phase VG is remarkably similar. In fact, there is just a 1.5% difference in maximum fan efficiency between the VG6038 and the VF6038, for example. Moreover, VF6038 is going through a special design so that it can acquire the same vibration performance as VG6038, while PQ is identical. A further advantage of all fans in the V series is reduced air flow leakage. This has been achieved by reducing the reverse free spin speed, an effect that helps serve more air flow for cooling purposes.
Numerous models in the Sunon V series are planned for release in 2016, ranging from 38 to 172 mm in size.
With over than the 30 years’ experience and proven success in cooling solutions, Sunon will be exhibiting at this year’s SPS IPC Drives exhibition, promoting EC motor products and other innovations applicable to a wide variety of industries such as telecom, solar, server and many more.


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