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2018/03/14 - An eye-popping debut at 2018MWC. The SUNON Mighty Mini Fan is introduced into Nubia gaming phones

The gaming market is making an overhaul on standpat traditional games and gradually becomes a hot industry taking the world by storm. Vendors have been investing in development of gaming products one after another, such as gaming notebooks, consoles, mouses, keyboards, etc. To accompany these products, head-mounted devices such as VR and AR have also been developed. All of these are leading the gaming industry to growth.

For example, the gaming evens of PC games got the lion’s share of the gaming market, but mobile games definitely can’t be underestimated. A DFC Intelligence survey shows that the total revenue of mobile games in 2016 already surpassed incomes of PC games and all sorts of game consoles. We may anticipate mobile games to be a brand-new industry in the gaming market.

Over the past couple of years, some vendors, including Razer and MI have also been launching into the development of gaming smartphones. Besides, Chinese mobile phone giant Nubia is following up a victory with hot pursuit. It made a debut of a smartphone with gaming concept at Mobile World Congress 2018. This phone features a better gaming experience for players, with cool sports car shape design and super-high performance. In order to effectively solve the overheat problem as a result of playing for long time, the firm has also developed 4 cooling techniques – air cooling, near black body, carbon nano material, and vertical wind tunnel section structure.

4 SUNON UF3C3-700 (MMF1203) Mighty Mini Fans are adopted for more effective cooling. Moreover, above the device an air vent has been designed. It is believed that this will effectively make game playing more smoothly. Currently, mobile phones available on the market have some problems due to long time operation, such as overheat, reduced performance, screen freeze, etc. This affects players’ play experience. This cooling technique-focusing Nubia phone can effectively solve these problems.

With 38 years long motor fan cooling technology, SUNON can customize cooling solutions for mobile devices. Its cooling products can be characterized by small size, slim, low power consumption, low vibration, high efficiency, long life span, etc. to meet clients’ requirements for light, thin, mini products with long battery life. In addition, it takes handheld feel and sound quality into consideration to make your products more competitive in the market.
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