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New product information
LED Lighting Cooling Module

Sunon LED Lighting & Cooling Module
Effectively stabilizes LED lighting output, prolongs LED lamp service life, enhances LED lamp design appearance
Sunon has been involved in key technology and manufacturing ability of high-efficiency cooling modules for three decades. The company has become a leader in cooling module, fans, and total thermal solutions. Having built a strong R&D organization, Sunon is committed to developing LED energy-saving environmental cooling technology. High-end cooling design and micro-cooling technology are combined with active cooling module products in the development of miniaturized high-power LED lighting and lightweight advanced products. This applies to A19 Light Bulbs, MR16, spotlights and Downlights.

   LED Lighting &
   Cooling Solution

■ High-Efficiency Active Cooling
LED lighting is trending toward high-watts and high-lumens in the future. Fin-based passive cooling can no longer successfully disperse the high temperatures generated by LED light sources. As a result, Sunon has developed a powerful airflow module design with active cooling. The design features high cooling efficiency, high temperature resistance, long service life, low power consumption, and high reliability.

■ Optimal Channel Design
Based upon professional design ability of mechanisms and thorough knowledge of heat transfer, Sunon offers optimal heat flow model planning for various types of high power LED lamps. Not only does Sunon optimize cooling efficiency, but the company takes lamp design into a sophisticated design field by going lightweight, miniaturized, and slim.

■ Silent Cooling Design
Optimal sound quality of lower than 20 phon can more effectively satisfy acoustic requirements for the silence of lamps mounted indoors.

■ Innovative Smart Dust Removal Design
LED lamps mounted on ceilings easily gather dust, thereby affecting lighting efficiency and service life. Sunon active LED cooling modules feature a patented fan positive/negative turn design which is unique around the world and which can solve the dust build-up problem.

■ Easy to Assemble and Maintain
Sunon LED lamp cooling modules are easy to use, easy to assemble, and easy to maintain at the client end.


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