100% R&D, Design and Manufacturing. With 40 years of experience in BLDC motor technology, SUNON's HVLS Fan series using gearless direct drive motor which is to optimize the aerodynamic design, enlarge the air coverage area more than 20%. We create a more stable controller for each ceiling fan, and offer you a better choice of industrial ceiling fans and provide the solution for energy-efficient, cooling, moisture-proof and ventilation.


Card image cap series 1
5ft / 6.5ft / 8ft / 10ft

      series 1 large energy-saving industrial HVLS fan with light and stylish look. The blades combine aircraft-grade aluminum with a patented winglet design, it reduces the wind resistance and noise, and reach the best performance of high volume and low speed. The best energy-efficient solution for large-scale space such as restaurant, factory, and commercial space.

Card image cap series 3
8ft / 10ft / 12ft / 14ft

      series 3 has patented silent winglet with aircraft-grade aluminum and 5 degrees angle airfoil, it can eliminate the wind noise from the tail end of airfoil effectively, enlarge the air coverage area more than 20%, and provide incredibly silent and comfortable air movement to space such as workshop, ranch, warehouse, and service center.

Card image cap series 10
13ft / 16ft / 18ft / 20ft /24ft

      Different from most large industrial ceiling fans on the market that rely on rapid turning speeds to generate unsteady and uneven airflows, Powerful HVLS Fan series 10 large industrial ceiling fans wield outstanding motor control to generate even and gentle winds. In addition, the unique expanded air flow design of the series 10 allows for even better internal and external air circulation in large areas.

Case Study

Hotel / Japan

Powerful HVLS Fan series 1

This island resort has created a brand-new restaurant with comfortable air conditioning. To make every guest feel cozy and relaxed during their mealtime. The high-ceilinged roof is equipped with the series 1. Not only balance the room temperature and reach the better ventilation, it also makes every guest to dine in with the island breeze.

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