Thermal solution for 5G networking applications that co-create the Future of IoT


SUNON introduces another thermal solution for 5G networking applications, following the previous e-catalog for 5G base station uses. We provide a wide range of thermal products, including the best and highly effective fans and various cooling modules and liquid cooling systems. SUNON aims to satisfy 5G applications' needs: high speed and non-stop transmission.

SUNON’s thermal solutions exclusive to 5G networking applications include fans with the best thermal effectiveness and thermal modules and liquid cooling modules that can be flexibly applied. Our total thermal solutions, configuring active-, passive-,and liquid cooling components, are customized to apply in a variety of networking systems such as server and router applications. To satisfy each client's needs, we also offer custom design services: low vibration, less noise, power-saving, and smart control, for example. By applying SUNON’s thermal solutions for 5G base station applications together, most of the entire 5G operation's need for high speed and low latency are met, so that the internet operation is enhanced.

✓ A variety of cooling module sizes are suitable for enclosed networking systems with its complicated components set.
✓ A series of fan modules with the best thermal performance can be applied in different networking applications such as server and router.
✓ Various thermal modules are customized for a full range of networking systems based on their structures.

SUNON has specialized in solving heat problems for lots of applications, providing a set of CMSEM services, and we can customize the best thermal solutions for 5G applications based on clients’ systems and needs. We can solve most of heat problems for the entire 5G applications to enhance the internet connection.

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