SUNON features the best slim-typed vapor chamber and cold plate solutions for 5G base station application


With the growing development of 5G infrastructure, the capabilities of data processing and transmission have improved significantly. This innovation brings with it operational challenges to system temperature and energy consumption (due to mass computing function since base station infrastructure plays an important role in receiving and sending signals). Therefore, the key to designing the best thermal solution is figuring out how to effectively dissipate heat generated by the highly power system within limited space.

Exclusive to 5G DU Application, Large Area and Slim Vapor Chamber Module Solution
SUNON provides a custom vapor chamber solution based on each client’s system structure, fitting into the limited space of the 5G DU case system (350x300x50 mm). The system heat is covered by the vapor chamber module, which can quickly conduct the heat and reduce system temperature. A nickel plating process also effectively improves the whole system’s anti-oxidation, and therefore its thermal effectiveness is sustained to ensure a stable system operation.

Slim-typed Cold Plate Solution
Thermal modules applied to 5G base station systems are necessary to provide high thermal effectiveness to multiple heat sources in the limited spaces. SUNON team tailors super slim-typed cold plate (200x100x15mm) based on a client’s system structure so that the module can be easily installed in the rack. Additionally, its TDP can be altered according to the system’s thermal request. Finally, via a piping channel, the module is joined to the parts of MB, steadily transferring liquid through the heat sources, and therefore the heat is quickly and effectively dissipated to sustain the operation of high speed transmission of information.


SUNON’s multiple cooling module thermal solutions can be customized, suitable for various 5G base station structures, to effectively solve each system’s high heat output. SUNON also provides a set of CMSEM solution design services, ranging from co-design, model building, heat simulation, and module estimation and validation, to ensure excellent thermal conduction and uniformity. The whole system’s heat can be efficiently dissipated via this customization to satisfy clients’ thermal needs and maintain the highest quality 5G operation.


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