Thermal solution for 5G base station applications that build the future of IoT


SUNON has extensive experience in solving industrial heat dissipation problems, so we can o provide customized and collaborative design services, we are now introducing a set of one-stop CMSEM services. By going through the service process, tailor-made thermal products are created based on our clients’ individual needs. We also assist with each clients’ production launch, aiming to complete each ahead of schedule.

SUNON’s comprehensive thermal solutions are different configurations of active cooling modules, passive and liquid cooling components to satisfy the thermal requirements of both outdoor and indoor base station applications. We also provide the thermal modules with IP68 and GR487 protection, suitable for applications operating in challenging outdoor conditions to sustain the best performance.

✓ Compact design cooling modules can be applied in various unit modules, such as active antenna unit (AAU), distribute unit (DU), and small cell, operating in harsh environments.

✓ A series of highly effective thermal fans and fan tray modules are required to solve heat dissipation problems in small call and base station subsystems such as base transceive stations (BTS) and radio base stations (RBS).

✓ Customized thermal modules are designed based on clients’ thermal needs and their system structures, and the modules are on request for various base station applications.

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