SUNON 40x40x10mm Fan – Reconnect with Nature Indoors: Zirb's Innovative System Brings Fresh Air and Fragrance to Your Home


Influencing our quality of life, leisure time, and productivity are the environments in which we work and live. Despite the known benefits of being in nature, modern lifestyles often confine us to enclosed spaces. Zirb, founded by three visionary Austrian entrepreneurs, addresses this challenge by bringing nature into homes, offering a unique indoor experience reminiscent of the outdoors.

"Is it really necessary to spend extended periods outdoors when we can bring the outdoors inside?" questioned the founders of Zirb, setting the stage for a groundbreaking solution. Zirb's mission is encapsulated in their slogan: "We bring nature into your home," mirroring the refreshing approach of SUNON fans that create breezy freshness in various environments.

SUNON compact fans, renowned for high air flow and quiet operation, are ideal for diffuser devices and home ventilation systems. Zirb proudly partners with Brytec AG, an official distributor of SUNON based in Allschwil, Switzerland. Brytec's commitment to professionalism and active collaboration with clients aligns with Zirb's vision, ensuring customer satisfaction and building a solid reputation for solving heat-related problems.

Zirb harnesses the power of Austrian stone pine wood, a local natural resource that thrives at altitudes above 1,600 meters. This resilient wood, growing under extreme conditions at 2,850 meters, exudes a pleasantly resinous aroma, forming the essence of Zirb's indoor atmosphere. The patented Zirb.Curl products, infused with the intense scent from essential wood oil, trigger positive emotions, enhance motivation, and impart a germicidal effect to the ambient air when used in conjunction with Zirb.Ventilation systems.

At the core of the Zirb.Ventilation system lies the SUNON HA40101V4-10000-A99 fan, discreetly diffusing the natural wooden fragrance throughout the room. The invisible fan continuously circulates air, improving fragrance distribution and air quality.

The collaboration between Zirb and Brytec results in distinctive ventilation systems that create a positive room environment, enhancing perception and overall wellbeing. Your home will be transformed into a scented haven, as the embedded SUNON fan delicately diffuses germicidal properties and the harmonious Austrian stone pine fragrance.

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