SUNON Thermal Solutions for Wearable XR Devices Make the Metaverse More Authentic and Immersive


SUNON offers custom-designed and compact thermal solutions for wearable AR, VR, and MR devices that include high-airflow and lightweight thermal fan solutions, ultrathin cooling modules, and effective fan cooling solutions. SUNON's solutions both fulfill and surpass client expectations for their wearable devices requiring high thermal effectiveness to meet latency and real-time image data processing needs. Hence, with SUNON's solutions, XR users are able to wear their devices for a longer time while they are captivated and immersed in the virtual world.

As a top thermal solution expert, SUNON provides a set of CMSEM one-stop design services including Co-design, Model building, Simulation and optimization, Estimation and validation, and Mass production. Through close collaboration with our clients, we design thermal solutions based on their unique system structures that can effectively be applied to their end products without delays in their R&D process and launch plans.

SUNON's total thermal solutions are made by flexibly configuring active, passive, and liquid cooling components. We provide lightweight and ultrathin thermal solutions that satisfy the requirements for surfing seamlessly in the metaverse world while, in the real world, users are wearing all kinds of devices and utilizing other applications running smoothly with SUNON's optimal thermal solutions.

✓ Light, compact cooling module designs suitable for ultrathin immersive technology with multiple computing functions, such as AR, VR, and MR devices.
✓ High-airflow Mighty MINI thermal fan solutions can be easily applied to AR, VR, and MR motion-sensing devices.
✓ Customized air cooling module solutions, custom-made according to system structures and thermal requirements, can be used in a wide variety of XR applications.

SUNON constantly focuses on ESG practices. Firstly, we manage our business with the purpose of proactively developing energy-saving technologies and products, aiming to provide total thermal solutions and services to industries that are related to environmental sustainability. Besides, we are eager to go green internally, putting green supply chain management and smart manufacturing into practice, and we also build our workplaces with diversity, inclusion, and talent cultivation. Our staff is encouraged to participate in social events, such as advocating for environmental protection and caring for people with disadvantages. We are constantly taking actions to achieve our goal of long-term sustainability.

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