SUNON GR487 & IP68 Fan Series Exclusive to Outdoor Environmental Applications


│ Confronting the challenges of harsh environments without fear │

To efficiently curb global warming and climate change, governments have sped up domestic green policy implementation in accordance with European Union《A European Green Deal》, aiming to reach a 50% reduction in GHG emissions by 2023 and reach climate-neutrality by 2050. Thus, green technology and sustainable industries and transport such as PV inverters, energy storage systems (ESS), and EV charging stations are blooming.

During the green transition, the target is to reach energy system integration. Energy harvesting and storing are two key application elements that create energy source diversity and effective utilization of such. Most of the energy infrastructure is installed outdoors in large-scale areas, like coastlines, deserts and high elevations, etc., to achieve economies of scale. The sun is the main source of green energy which can be collected via numerous solar panel settings, and the energy is then converted by PV inverters into renewable energy to be stored in ESS or to be used by EV charging systems. The energy can be efficiently utilized during the off-peak hours or when there is a lack of electricity to ensure the stability of the power supply for domestic and commercial use. On the other hand, the REN21 Renewables 2022 Global Status Report indicates that just about 11% of global energy use is resourced from renewable energy, implying that the green transition is still at its initial stage, and it appears that to extend various green applications and resource efficiency will be rapidly developing. As mentioned above, thermal solutions for renewable energy applications require thermal effectiveness and high quality protection against extreme outdoor weather so that the functions of environmental applications can adhere to the green policy and market development.

SUNON is focusing on the development of power-saving technology and thermal design that meet outdoor application requirements, and have introduced premium IP fans, GF series featuring 「Fan solutions with thermal effectiveness: Anti salt-spray GR487 and high dustproof and waterproof IP68 series」. This series has released 3 fan sizes: 40x40x28, 60x60x25, 92x92x38mm, and has the upcoming 80x80x38mm from GR487 series ( more sizes available). These fans' entire motors are completely wrapped with a patented motor protection technique. This technique can effectively protect against substances like salt fog, water, and dust. Even in harsh environments, like the polar regions, deserts, and high elevations, etc., the fans can still operate steadily and for a long period of time providing high-efficient cooling while demonstrating their excellent electric insulativity as well. SUNON's GR487 and IP68 fan solutions can not only be used in outdoor applications but also be applied into systems facing challenging indoor environment and 24/7 operation.


│ SUNON IP & GR487 Fan Protection Design Solutions │

SUNON IP fan protections are designed according to thermal needs for indoor and outdoor applications and SUNON offers a standardized set of Level 1-4 x IP21-GR487 protection designs for all clients. We have adopted state-of-art IP technology and high quality protection materials, producing fan solutions with optimal protection design. The product design follows international test standards (IP fans: IEC60525 / GR487 fans: ASTM B117) to assure not only the reliability of the protection design but also the capability of dust/waterproofing and anti salt spray corrosion. Accordingly we provide the best thermal solutions with high effectiveness and long-lasting service.

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