SUNON Engages in Promoting 2022 Blood Donation Event


SUNON Foundation collaborates with SUNON to promote blood donation in the offices on the 14th of October, 2022. The topic of the event is about giving blood that symbolizes water to saplings to grow, appealing to all colleagues in both SUNON Headquarters and Chungcheng office to donate their blood. SUNON Foundation arranges blood donation events every autumn, but the event was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When signs of easing and restrictions lifted conditionally this year, we gather together to resume involvement in charities as our former funder used to do with his hands-on leadership to offer services to the public. We as SUNON people still have inherited public-spirited preferences in our minds.

There is a shortage in blood supplies because the number of people giving blood has decreased due to the increase in infection numbers and the outbreak was on the rise months ago. In addition, the need for blood donations is strongly felt during the month of early autumn because of foreseen seasonal colds and accidents, and therefore, we also encourage SUNON people's families to join in the event in response to the times of crisis.

The blood donation event: "A Gift that Saves Lives" is led by SUNON's chairman of the board, Mr. Hung, who is the first person to donate blood in the event this year. We are grateful to Kaohsiung Blood Center and selfless SUNON donors for your participation and kindness. Approximately 111 units of blood are given to help save lives and to contribute to society.


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