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IP68 & GR487 Fans

│ Dustproof, Waterproof, Anti Salt-spray Corrosion Fan Series │

Confronted with increasingly intense changes in the global environment, SUNON’s innovative “High Dustproof, Waterproof IP68 & Anti Salt-spray corrosion GR487 Fans, GF Series” has been released. 3 fan sizes, 40x40x28, 60x60x25, 92x92x38mm, and the upcoming 80x80x38mm from GR487 series, ( more sizes available). These fans’ entire motors are completely wrapped with a patented motor protection technique. This technique can effectively protect from substances like dust, water, and chloride or alkaline. Even in harsh environments, like deserts, the polar regions, high elevation, etc., the fans can still operate steadily and for a long period of time to provide high-efficient cooling. This demonstrates, once again, SUNON's industry-leading product competitiveness!


│Confronting the challenges of harsh environments without fear│

IP ratings indicate the ability of electric and electronic products to protect against the intrusion of liquid or dust. The higher the IP rating, the better a protection against water and dust; : GR487 salt spray techniques ensure fan products' corrosive resistance in a real-world environment.

SUNON IP fan protections are designed according to thermal needs for indoor and outdoor applications and SUNON has introduced a standardized set of Level 1-4 x IP21-GR487 protection designs to all clients. We adopt state-of-art IP technology and high quality protection materials, suggesting fan solutions with optimal protection design. The product design follows international test standards (IP fans: IEC60525 / GR487 fans: ASTM B117) to assure not only the reliability of the protection design but also the capability of dust/waterproofing and anti salt spray corrosion. SUNON IP fan series can be applied to a variety of outdoor applications as well as to the systems operating in extreme weather and 24/7 working environments. There have been many successful cases applied in various fields and our clients are proud of SUNON fans' thermal effectiveness and long-lasting service.


│ SUNON IP & GR487 Fan Protection Design Solutions │


│ SUNON IP & GR487 Fans for Various Outdoor Applications │


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