SUNON has been awarded the 1st prize for its Bionic Design Impeller Fan in the Best Product cat. of the National Brand Yushan Awards 2023


The 20th National Brand Yushan Awards Ceremony 2023 was held on October 24. The committee awarded the first prize to SUNON for the best product with its outstanding patented Bionic Design Impeller Fan. SUNON GSBU Vice GM Gavin Lee thanked the committee for the honor of SUNON’s Innovative Productivity and Technology can be seen and appreciated. He said new concepts and the latest technologies had been introduced into the product design process where total quality management is the key to success, and thus SUNON’s overall competitiveness is strengthened to further achieve its goal of sustainability.

▲SUNON won the best product and the 1st prize, our GSBU Vice GM Gavin Lee received the awards on the SUNON behalf.

SUNON’s slim-shaped bionic design impeller fan is inspired by natural solutions, adapting the concept of biomimetics. SUNON adapted the structure and function of an eagle's tail feathers in the impeller blade design. The feather-inspired blade spoilers control airflow direction and diminish eddy currents while the fan operates. The fan’s airflow is improved by 30% through this bionic blade design, resulting in a dual effect: the increased fan speed and the reduced noise due to less eddy currents.

The slim-shaped bionic design impeller fan is the thermal solution for gaming notebook applications, providing the best fan option with quieter and higher airflow features. The solutions have been successfully applied into several international notebook OEMs and ODMs recognized as the top gaming NB brands. SUNON as a leading thermal supplier is a pioneer in modern technology applications, creating TopGear gaming entertainment experiences.

▲Simon Wu, the Executive Vice President of SUNON, is in the audience with the President on behalf of SUNON.

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