AntiVib Fan


The Optimum Balance of Dynamics and Quietness, low vibration and high effective cooling solution
SUNON offers a series of low vibration and high effective cooling fans, which are suitable for 5G, data center, server, and cloud storage system applications. Vibration is caused by a fan's high-speed rotation which creates high-density magnetic fields in the fan itself. The faster the fan spins the higher the level its vibration reaches. When the whole fan system operates with a higher magnetic density, the fan is gradually degraded, and magnetic resonance causes further damage to other system operations.
SUNON's AntiVib fan motors structure is an adopted automotive "engine mount" design, where a shock absorption material is inserted into the gap between the motor and the fan frame. This design not only prevents the fan frames degradation, but also lowers vibration that is generated by high-speed rotation. The resonance effects can also be minimized. AntiVib fans can customized to the IP21, IP56, and higher with dust and water protection design to suit all our clients' needs. SUNON fans with low vibration are guaranteed to effectively work in various application environments. Both single fan series and dual fan series are available, including 38x28mm、38x56mm、40x28mm、40x56mm、60x38mm、60x56mm、80x80mm, for different systems cooling requirements.

AntiVib, excellent damping structure for a motor
SUNON AntiVib fan motor has a damping structure, with shock absorption inserted into the gap called the isolation zone to block the the vibration impact that damages the frame (as shown in image below). This structural design can also reduce the vibration amplitude generated by high-speed rotation to further prevent system dysfunctions. The AntiVib technique is widely applied to manufactured fans with speeds over 20,000 R.P.M. Below chart indicates an up to a 70% of reduction in the vibration level. One benefit of the motor design is a steady fan function without any interruption due to vibration.

Power Saving Circuit Design, 50% Less Power Consumption
An excellent cooling system is required to support the all-around operations and infrastructures in 5G, data center, server and cloud storage industries, considering that the cooling system itself significantly increases the total energy consumption of the application. Knowing this fact, SUNON designed highly effective and eco-friendly cooling fans by developing a power-saving circuit technology, to reduce the energy consumption when the fan is in non-full load condition.
SUNON's power-saving circuit design is used to control a motor's rotation at the fastest speeds, but needs less power, when the fans speed decreases. The power-saving fans efficiently save more energy than other fans with P.W.M., saving 50% or more energy (as below chart shown).

Specifications of SUNON 38x38x28mm Fan

Specifications of SUNON 38x38x56mm Fan

Specifications of SUNON 40x40x28mm Fan

Specifications of SUNON 40x40x56mm Fan

Specifications of SUNON 60x60x38mm Fan

Specifications of SUNON 60x60x56mm Fan

Specifications of SUNON 80x80x80mm Fan

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