【New Product】Low noise & High Airflow Axial Fan AF40x40x20mm for In-Vehicle Infotainment systems!


SUNON has launched a silent and thermal-efficient fan, AF40x40x20 mm for In-Vehicle Infotainment systems (IVI systems). The compact fan is optimized for its flow field design, leading to an enhanced fan performance, to meet IVI systems’ thermal needs. The AF40x20 fan solution offers vehicle occupants seamless access to driving information and a fabulous entertainment experience.
Besides, the AF40x20 fan is certified for high safety standards, and also has the energy-saving PWM function. A custom-designed IP52 dust- and water-protection design is available to meet requirements such as energy efficiency, safety and reliability for the automotive application.

❶ Noise reduced by 3.6 dB(A)
❷ Airflow increased by 23%
❸ Fan efficiency increased by 45%
❹ AEC Q100
❺ EMC CISPR 25 Class 2

In-Vehicle Infotainment systems


SUNON constantly focuses on ESG practices. Firstly, we manage our business with the purpose of proactively developing energy-saving technologies and products, aiming to provide total thermal solutions and services to industries related to environmental sustainability. We are also eager to go green internally, putting green supply chain management and smart manufacturing into practice, and we build our workplaces with diversity, inclusion, and talent cultivation in mind. Our staff is encouraged to participate in social events such as advocating for environmental protection and taking part in outreach programs for people with disadvantages. We are constantly taking actions to achieve our goal of long-term sustainability.

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