New Product Launch: 1000Watts High-Efficiency Liquid Cold Plate (Tube-Embedded type)


SUNON introduces brand-new High-efficiency Tubed Liquid Cold Plate products. These tubed cold plates are manufactured by using copper tubes firmly embedded into an aluminum base, adopting riveting skills to improve cooling effectiveness. SUNON offers a range of the liquid tubed cold plates for our clients’ needs which can be applied in various industries and applications such as 5G and Inverter Drive to solve thermal problems.

Product Features
High cooling effectiveness.
A wide range of customized liquid cold plate products.
Good quality and high reliability.

Product Applications
ADAS ECU, inverter Drive, 5G, industrial equipment

Product Specification

  Liquid Cold Plate (2 Pass)

​​​​​   Liquid Cold Plate (4 Pass)

 Liquid Cold Plate (6 Pass)

* TDP=Thermal Power
*Mass production: December, 2021

More information
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