For Whitley Platform - ICX Series

ICX_1U (for Ice Lake , LGA 4189 1U passive CPU Cooler)

ICX_1U is recommended by Intel® for Whitley Platform Ice Lake LGA 4189 sockets CPU cooler. Copper + aluminum base and high-density fin stack with 3 heat pipes design.  Support 205 Watts CPU power heat dissipation, suitable for blade and 1U server. 


SUNON P/N : SM316-20001Y
CPU Support : Intel® Ice Lake Server Processor
CPU Socket : FCLGA 4189-4/5(Socket P4/P5)
Solution : 1U Server and up
Dimensions (mm) : 113*78*24.7mm
*TDP (W) : 205W
Weight (g) : 250 g
Material : Aluminum, Copper, ADC10
Surface Treatment : Nickle plating
TIM : SHIN-ETSU X23-7921

    * TDP=Thermal Power 


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