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HVLS Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

Have you ever experienced an artificial breeze? The entire series of SUNON HVLS ceiling fans adopt BLDC energy-efficient motor technology and strict quality control with 100% independent R&D from design to production. The SUNON HVLS energy- efficient ceiling fans aim to generate comfortable airflow, just like natural breeze diffusion. The entire series also adopts aerodynamic wing design which can generate large airflow with extremely low power consumption.

Modern HVLS Fan series
The earth we live in has created four seasons because its axis is inclined by 23.5 degrees. With a 31-degree large curved surface double twist design, the SUNON Modern HVLS fan blade creates a wind field with slow speed and large airflow. When the 6-speed bionic natural wind rotates very slowly and quietly, its elegant flying posture under the natural light fills the space with a natural atmosphere. When the Modern series rotates slowly, the overall visual sense is more leisurely and not oppressive. With the wind gently blowing, you can feel the comfort of the natural breeze in any space.

Applicable places
Exhibition centers, bookstores, cafés, libraries, museums, offices, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, hospitals, fitness centers, and houses

Powerful HVLS Fan series
Powerful large industrial energy-efficient ceiling fans, which blow powerfully, are suitable for convective heat dissipation in large spaces, effectively reducing apparent temperature and providing even heat dissipation. With the use of high-performance BLDC direct drive motors, our Poweful series fan can save energy significantly. Besides, the series maintains good durability without regular oil changes, allowing it to be the best cost-effective choice for long term investment in commercial air conditioning systems.

Applicable places
Factories, ranches, greenhouses, plane sheds, stadiums, warehouses, superstores, supermarkets, and exhibition halls

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