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Mighty Mini Fan Series

Expert on forced air convection and heat dissipation in miniature mechanisms - SUNON

Sunon was founded in 1980 and is a leader in precision motors and miniature cooling fans. In 2007, the company successfully launched its Mighty Mini cooling technology and mass-produced miniature cooling products under 3 cm. It offered the smallest (8mm), the thinnest (3mm) and the lowest energy-consuming innovative design for mini fans and blowers. Sunon’s mature micro fan technology has passed rigorous reliability verification and been introduced into new-generation products of computer information, network communications, consumer electronics, medical equipment, security surveillance, and etc.

Sunon has taken out 110 patents from worldwide for the Mighty Mini cooling technology.Accompanied by our flexible custom-made design ability, we have successfully assisted clients across the world solving their cooling problems in various miniature mechanisms, and become the best cooling design advisor for clients developing new-generation miniature electronic.


■    Research
     | NASA Space Reserch  |
■    Home Appliances
     | Pico Projector | Head Mounted Display |  Mobile Cinema |  Compute Stick  |
■    Medical Equipment
     | Medical Detection Device | Personal Ionic Air Purifier | Plasmacluster Mist | Personal Air Pollution Detector |
     | Cair Sens | Medical Video Recorder | Portable Ultrasound Device | CH2O Detector | Breathalyzer |
     | AIR+ Smart Mask | 

■    Commerence Machine
     | Face Identification | Industry 4.0 | Professional High Speed Camera | Hand Hold Device for Pilot | Aerial Photography Device |

Space Research

Face Identification

Industrial 4.0

Medical Detection Device

PICO Projector

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