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Home Ventilation & Purification

If you stay in enclosed spaces for a long time, CO2/HCHO/PM2.5/bacteria can endanger your respiratory health. SUNON has developed a series of products for home ventilation and air purification.
For home or bathroom, our ultra-energy-efficient DC ventilation fans are developed with silence and waterproof technologies, and are 80% less energy-consuming. In addition to ordinary ceiling ducted ventilation fans, we have also provide window/wall direct flow ventilation fans. With these safe, comfortable and energy-efficient ventilation products, we can help you to live a healthy, comfy, and energy-efficient green life!

To effectively provide fresh and clean air in indoor environments, we also launched the Flow2one Plus+ Fresh Air Exchanger in 2019, which is superior to air purifiers. This new model has a simple & stylish appearance and five-in-one function, allowing it to perform as an air purifier, fresh air exchanger, heat & energy recovery ventilator, air detector, and fragrance diffuser. It can also facilitate indoor air circulation for you to enjoy purified fresh air simply by drilling a 160mm hole on the wall.

Based on many years of global leading energy-saving DC Motor Technology, SUNON is engaged in the pursuit of craftsmanship and minimalist beauty in German design.
SUNON creates quiet, efficient ventilation products for a new-generation of healthy homes. These brand new ventilated and purified product series offer cleaner indoor air quality by allowing your home to breathe fresh air.

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