SUNON Innovations in a Variety of Unique Liquid Cooling Solutions


Custom-designed Liquid Cooling Technology Making Modern Data Center More Power-efficient

The global economy and business models have undergone dramatic changes due to the pandemic, with remote and online activities now commonplace. E-commerce and fintech applications are gradually becoming the norm. Consequently, the increasing demand for data processing requires higher CPU and GPU computational power, leading to the need for more hyperscale date centers. However, these data centers consume massive amounts of power when thousands of servers are in operation, generating substantial heat and necessitating additional power for immediate and continuous cooling. Currently, the electricity consumption of a data center is equivalent to that of 8,000 households. Therefore, the primary challenge for the data center supply chain is finding a balance between power reduction and enhanced power usage effectiveness (PUE). Collaborative efforts are required across supply chains, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers and IT system integrators, to work towards the global goal of achieving zero emissions by 2050.

Effective and immediate cooling systems are crucial for a data center’s computational power, reliability, and lifespan. A report indicates that approximately 40% of a center’s power use is consumed by conventional air-conditioning cooling systems. As servers become denser in date centers, larger cooling spaces are required, leading to inefficient space utilization. The advancement of server chipset computational power is ongoing, demanding a more efficient cooling approach to address the rapidly increasing thermal design power (TDP). Liquid cooling technology, with its excellent heat conductivity, offers a solution to the issue of CPU overheating. By pumping liquid into the heat centers and carrying the heat away from the rack, the performance of servers is enhanced, reducing overall power usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

SUNON innovates and manufactures a variety of cooling components, modules, and systems, including direct cooling solutions, rear-door heat exchangers (RDHx), and reservoir and pumping unit (RPU). For example, SUNON’s open-loop direct cooling modules are introduced into various rack server applications. These solutions are designed based on the structures of specific applications to create a unique thermal contact between surfaces, the curvature of water pipes, and coolants, all tailored to meet the cooling requirements of server applications, including:
❶Achieving thermal contact resistance (Rth) below 0.04 ℃/W
❷Maintaining liquid flow between 1 to 1.25 LPM
❸Supporting TDP up to 700W

These cooling solutions are compatible with the Intel dual Socket Eagle Stream (EGS) Processor (LGA 4677), enhancing their cooling effectiveness.

SUNON’s liquid cooling design services are tailored to modern data centers, generative AI computing and HPC applications. These services are customized based on the cooling space and server density of each data center, ensuring comprehensive cooling solutions with a compact design. This enhances their cooling effectiveness and reliability, ultimately reducing a client’s total cost of ownership (TCO) in the long run. SUNON liquid cooling solutions are a great move forwards achieving net-zero emissions, promoting corporate sustainability, and facilitating clients’ transition to a greener, more digitalized future.

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