New Product Launch: Low vibration, high-efficiency and energy-saving fan, VF60x60x38mm


SUNON launched the low vibration, high-efficiency and energy-saving fan, VF60x60x38mm, which is designed based on the motor damping structure. Through the optimization of the frame structure and runner, the vibration of the series is reduced by 48% compared to the previous PF series products, further enhancing the product stability. The fan is applicable to the new generation high-efficiency network switch, router, frequency converter and other industrial equipment that require the continuous operation. Since the thermal module design is likely to determine the performance stability and product life, the VF60x60x38mm fan is prone to provide the optimized heat dissipation function based on the best power-saving mode, together with the waterproof and dustproof function of IP21, IP56, etc., according to various needs of the equipment. This product is definitely durable and useful.

Product Features
❶ Airflow increased by 45%
❷ Vibration reduced by 48%
❸ Noise decreased by 1.6 dB(A) with high-efficiency and low acoustic noise
❹ Support the rotation speed control function

Product Applications
Network switch, Router, Frequency converter...

Product Specification

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