Impeller Blade Design Inspired by Nature


TopGear Airflow Spoiling, high speed and low noise thermal solution
One of SUNON’s patents on our blade design inspired by nature is applied to our slim-shaped impeller fan series. The ultrathin fan series with an eagle-inspired design operates at the highest thermal effectiveness, increasing fan speed and spoiling airflow. SUNON adapted the structure and function of an eagle's tail feathers in the impeller blade design, controlling airflow directions via the feather-inspired blade spoilers and diminishing eddy currents while the fan operates. The fan’s airflow is improved through this bionic blade design, and therefore the fan speed is increased and the noise due to eddy currents is reduced. For example, the speed of SUNON's Ø 70 mm fan, adopting the bionic impeller blade design, is 30% greater at the same noise level compared to the non-bionic blade design fan, providing the highest level of thermal effectiveness for ultrathin laptop applications.

The Bionic Impeller Blade’s Design Principle
SUNON’s impeller blade design is inspired by an eagle’s tail feathers. An eagle uses its wing feathers to take flight and its rectrices—the tail feathers—to twist and turn during flight. In essence, the shape and structure of the eagle's tail feathers determine its flight control and flexibility.

We have adapted the function of these powerful tail features for use in our technology. Take the rear spoiler, for example. When air travels past the spoiler, the air travelling downwards is changed, and according to fluid dynamics the air force is split into two directions: an upward force from the spoiler and a downward pressure from the air itself. This helps the air to travel smoothly and efficiently so that the car can drive steadily at a fast speed.

Unique bionic blade design, wider velocity area and quieter
SUNON’s bionic impeller blade’s function is to change the direction of the air, effectively spoiling the highly dense air force. By putting the blade through airflow simulation analysis tests, we have shown that the area of SUNON’s bionic impeller’s highest velocity is noticeably wider compared to its counterpart impeller. Additionally, the bionic impeller blade is adapted to diminish mutual interference, so the design helps to increase speed and reduce noise due to turbulent airflow. The results of our sound quality analysis test shows that there are is less overall noise when SUNON’s bionic impeller operates at the same speed compared to the standard impeller.

Airflow Simulation Analysis

Sound Quality Analysis


SUNON constantly focuses on ESG practices. Firstly, we manage our business with the purpose of proactively developing energy-saving technologies and products, aiming to provide total thermal solutions and services to industries related to environmental sustainability. We are also eager to go green internally, putting green supply chain management and smart manufacturing into practice, and we build our workplaces with diversity, inclusion, and talent cultivation in mind. Our staff is encouraged to participate in social events such as advocating for environmental protection and taking part in outreach programs for people with disadvantages. We are constantly taking actions to achieve our goal of long-term sustainability.


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